6.0.0: Ferris
6.0.0: Ferris


Dear Sarnaut,

Update 6.0 "Broken Chains" draws near, so get ready to join an exciting expedition to Ferris, a large allod with a dark and entangled history.

As previously revealed, the storyline of “Broken Chains” will be divided into four Stages. Players are used to completing all storyline quests during the first couple of months after a season starts - but now, everything has changed thanks to the new server progress system.

Each new chapter unlocks parts of the raid adventure, with several bosses each, making “Broken Chains” far more eventful than “Heart of the World” - so you'll be able to enjoy new plot twists throughout several months, right up until the last stage finale!

  • Stage I

An interesting factor about Ferris is that it most likely hides the key to Tep’s power - something both the League and the Empire are striving to unearth. However, reaching the distant allod is not an easy task given the Portal network doesn’t work, thus heroes will need an exceptionally strong ship that is capable of sailing across the deepest layers of the Astral.

Should you succeed - only a small part of the allod is safe for landing due to the allod being vastly covered in snow - and inhabited by an unsociable and inhospitable race known as the Tungars, who have never been seen outside of Ferris (which is a good thing). Tungars are hostile to outlanders and attack them whenever possible.

Despite the dangers, players must establish contact with the savages, whether by force, diplomacy, or cunning. Force should be used with caution, as Tungars are patronized by an ancient mammoth that they worship as their god. It's a huge and dangerous beast that is capable of keeping inhabitants of that frozen land in awe, regardless of whether its power is divine in origin or not.

The Tungars themselves are not easy to handle - and rumour claims that the Tungar chief rides a yak with horns that can pierce the hull of an Astral ship!

  • Stage II

Leaving the lowlands will take a lot of effort, as there is only one route to the upper regions of the allod, which is blocked by a thick wall of ice. The traces of Tep’s presence leave the expedition members no choice. They must traverse to the less snowy parts of Ferris. The upper regions are warmer, thankfully, and the Tungar presence is lesser - though the expedition is in for a rough journey to get there.

All signs indicate that there was a whole complex of Imperial classified facilities on Ferris that covers a huge territory, yet neither the Council nor Yasker have heard of it. There are no traces of Xadaganian scientists - and the systems work independently, attacking all trespassers.

What developments could the Empire conduct in secret from today’s leaders? Where have all the staff gone? Only a thorough investigation can give answers to these questions.

The main objective of the second stage is to explore the Imperial base and repair the Manarail, which connects several parts of Ferris and allows travel to the heart of the base.

By the beginning of the second Stage, you'll reach the maximum character level, thus equipment upgraders, not experience, will be given as rewards for completing quests.

  • Stages III-IV

Exploring the lab complex in the depths of Ferris will bring many new questions. What began as a quest for Tep’s secrets now grows into something much deeper. The Imperial experiments conducted on Ferris could have overturned the world’s history... Or pushed it to the edge of yet another disaster.

Heroes will unravel an intricacy of machinations which took place on Ferris half a century ago. They will learn about the horrid things that happened to the staff of the complex and meet a new enemy, unlike anyone they have met before. The whole story unfolds around the mysterious “Gates” project, which holds the key to all secrets of Ferris - and possibly the salvation of all Sarnaut.

Soon, you will confront a power that overshadows the might of Gods - and many will face a fate much worse than death.

Are you ready to meet your greatest enemy? Find out in 6.0 "Broken Chains"!


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