6.0.0: Glyphs & Equipment
6.0.0: Glyphs & Equipment


Dear Sarnaut,

Update 6.0 “Broken Chains” is bringing huge changes to stat management and the overall character equipment system, which all rotates around your use of Glyphs. Here is an analysis of the new changes, starting with:

  • Upgraders: Loot System Alterations

Many players have been unhappy due to high drop dispersion, such as repeatedly receiving upgraders for their unused wand rather than of ones for the bow. We decided to change the upgraders drop system in order to reduce the dispersion effect.

Now, upgraders will not be looted directly from bosses on Astral allods. Instead, players will receive Coins of Astral allods or Enchanted coins of Astral allods from the most dangerous Astral layers.

These coins can be used to purchase both basic items and their upgraders of the relevant quality in the Astral Academy. Buying upgraders will give you a chance to receive an additional cursed upgrader of the same type. Still, there is a chance to receive upgraders of the type chosen upon entering an allod instead of coins when defeating bosses, too. Upgraders purchased with Coins of Astral allods will be universal, which means they can be used for either cloth, leather or plate.

Allods won’t be the only place where these coins can be looted. Strongboxes with upgrading designs, obtained in the “Gates” raid adventure, will also contain these coins. These strongboxes will require Astral keys to be opened and give rewards equal to the total loot on an allod of the relevant difficulty and quality.

  • Glyphs: Equipment & Stats

There will be a complete redistribution of stats. Gear stats, such as Vigor and Stamina, will remain intact - while all additional stats will be completely transferred to glyphs instead. As a result, the preparation of equipment for different tasks and roles will become more flexible.


Glyphs will still be divided into three types: Offensive (Triangular) and Defensive (Circular), whilst Special Glyphs (Pentagonal) will combine different variations of both offensive and defensive stats, all of which can only be placed in upgradable equipment looted from the astral.

It will not be possible to put two glyphs with identical stats into one piece of equipment and it will also only be possible to inlay glyphs corresponding to the equipment level. In addition, each item will have 4 additional stats.

  • Glyphs: Crafting

Crafters will gain the ability to produce glyphs, with each individual profession being able to produce specific glyphs of a certain type - though thanks to the opportunity of being able to create glyphs containing two bonus stats together, it's now possible to receive all the necessary stats in a set.


Each craftsman who reaches level 65 in their profession will automatically receive recipes for a number of glyphs from the total assortment and will be able to produce ready-to-use glyphs of various qualities from that point onward.


Proficiency Determination Brutality Anger
Vitality x
Willpower x
Bloodlust x x x x
Tenacity x


Proficiency Determination Brutality Anger
Vitality x
Willpower x
Bloodlust x
Tenacity x x x x


Proficiency Determination Brutality Anger
Vitality x
Willpower x x x x
Bloodlust x
Tenacity x


Proficiency Determination Brutality Anger
Vitality x x x x
Willpower x
Bloodlust x
Tenacity x

NOTE: More about professions will be revealed in a separate article, as will the ability to buy & sell glyphs via the Negotiants.

  • Glyphs: Insignias

Subsequently, insignias will be able to freely modify existing glyphs with offensive or defensive stats - though it will not be possible to change Special Glyphs in this manner. The amount of stats will depend on the quality of the glyph itself, thus removing the need for glyph upgrading.


  • Convertion: Old Equipment & Glyphs

All glyphs present after installing the update will be converted to universal level 60 glyphs of the corresponding quality. By using insignias, you can independently reassign the required stats to them. To change Special Glyphs, you will need special insignias, which can be purchased from the profession trainers. All glyph upgraders will also be deleted.

Depending on the amount of level 56 Fable Glyphs a character had, they will compensated with a small amount of alternative currency that is required for trading with the Negotiants.

Owners of level 60 Fable equipment will also be able to exchange it for fortified Uncommon level 66 equipment by completing an NPC’s quest, located near the forge.

Enchanted Fable weapons can be exchanged for a new one with additional level 65 glyphs depending on the stage of improvement:

  • 1st stage – for a fortified Uncommon weapon with glyphs of Uncommon quality.
  • 2nd stage – for a fortified Uncommon weapon with glyphs of Rare quality.
  • 3rd stage – for a fortified Rare weapon with glyphs of Rare quality.

Equipment issued for completing quests and received before reaching the maximum level will remain unchanged and continue to contain the entire set of stats.

That's it for Glyphs & Equipment - but stay tuned for more 6.0 “Broken Chains” updates soon!

To discuss these changes, join us in the 6.0 Glyphs & Equipment Dedicated Thread!


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