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6.0.2: Thunder of Victory - Arena Combat!
6.0.2: Thunder of Victory - Arena Combat!

Dear Sarnaut,

We're pleased to announce that update 6.0.2 "Thunder Of Victory" is now live! If you haven't already joined the fray, check out our official trailer to see what you're missing!

Log in now to enjoy the latest changes - including new Allods, the next chapter to the epic raid adventure "Ferris", the mighty Arena of Heroes - and rated PvP combat (see below).

"Thunder Of Victory" introduces brand new 3x3 & 6x6 rated combat, providing the perfect opportunity to display your bravery and skill alongside (and against) other heroes of Sarnaut!

The combat rules are simple: two teams enter the arena and battle to the death. The first team to defeat all their opponents wins, earning rating points and rewards for all members of the winning team. If the battle duration exceeds 20 minutes, the match ends in a draw - with no rewards.

To join rated combat - which is available at any time of the day - you'll need to assemble a team of level 65 characters through the Group Search interface.

  • Keep in mind that teams cannot contain more than one of any class, ie. two Summoners, three Warriors etc.

Each player has their personal rating, which can be viewed - as well as their position in the tournament leaderboards - in the reputation tab.

Teams are matched according to their average members’ rating, while the difference in teams’ average rating cannot exceed 500.

If a team member’s rating is significantly lower than that of the character with the highest rating, the former character’s rating is calculated from the following formula: [the latter character’s rating minus 150].

Each victory or defeat affects characters’ positions in the corresponding leaderboards. Should two teams be matched with a large gap between team ratings, less points will be given for victory over the weaker team, whilst more are subtracted for losing to a weaker enemy.

Once rated arena is live, all players will start with 0 rating.

Matches can take place at one of three arenas: Tilt Yard, Bloody Circus, and Evildoer’s District. These maps are different in topology and setting, so each map will require individual tactics.

For each victory in rated combat, players will be rewarded with Signs of Victory. The higher the team’s rating, the more Signs of Victory they will receive.

The highest rated combatants will receive valuable prizes on a weekly basis and also at the end of the season.

Certain rating milestones will reward you with titles, the ability to purchase special items from Quartermasters (offensive and defensive potions etc.,) and even learn special abilities.

The highest milestone will bestow you with a Winner’s Cry Aura that increases your party members’ damage and armour by 5%! However, the effect of this aura will not stack.

The highest rated players at the conclusion of an arena season will receive permanent titles and unique costumes.

Sharpen your blades, gather your comrades, keep your friends close and your enemies in punching distance. It's time to show them - and the world - your martial prowess. Good luck in the arena!


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-The Allods Team