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6.0.2: Thunder of Victory - Arena Of Heroes!
6.0.2: Thunder of Victory - Arena Of Heroes!

Dear Sarnaut,

Update 6.0.2: "Thunder Of Victory" is coming to you live on the 1st of September, so rally your monster slaying friends for an epic battle royale in the upcoming Arena of Heroes!

It's as if the Astral can sense that the world will soon need strong and skillful defenders!

Our theatre of war has changed significantly since the veterans of Sarnaut left its gates, triumphantly, for the last time. The Mausoleum of Sparks - with its dark walls illuminated by the green glare of Tep’s evil magic - is now gone.

The Arena has acquired a new shape that is better suited for heroic battles.

The basic principle remains the same: heroes of level 65 enter the arena in a group and try to repel as many waves of monsters as possible.

The attacks do not cease until the last of the participants dies. After you resurrect outside the Arena, you may enter it again - but no more than 3 times per week.

At the end of the season, before the release of update 7.0.0, the best Arena fighters will be amply rewarded with valuable prizes and honorable titles.

The Arena of the Heroes will be accessible through the standard Group Search window (Ctrl+M by default), which will also allow you to assemble parties more conveniently.

Battles will become more dynamic this season, as our heroes face off against the most vicious monsters and their trickiest abilities.

With each new wave, monsters will become stronger and the number of their abilities increases, meaning heroes will have to vary their tactics on the fly to succeed.

In addition, the protective steles have been removed from the arena... Now you can only count on the strength of you and your allies!

Champions of the old Mausoleum made it to the 78th wave. Will you beat their record?

We’ll see in the new Arena of Heroes!


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-The Allods Team