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6.0.2: Thunder of Victory - Ferris Finale!
6.0.2: Thunder of Victory - Ferris Finale!

Dear Sarnaut,

Ferris has saved its biggest mystery for last. In the final episode of season 6.0, heroes will face a horrifying enemy that remained hidden in the shadows for centuries.

"I feel that whatever the answers to these questions are, we won't like them. I'm starting to think that it would be better for us to forget about Ferris, like the Empire once did." - Herbert

In the times of Nezeb, secret Imperial objects were constructed in all corners of Sarnaut - yet the research base on Ferris was definitely one of the most impressive examples.

Its laboratories and workshops spread over a tremendous territory and were equipped with top-notch equipment.

It is there that Imperial scientists explored various fields of research. They studied alternative energy sources, designed innovative Astral engines, and produced modernized weaponry.

Thousands of battle Mechanoids came out of their assembly shops, and tons of meteorite ore was extracted from the mines of Ferris.

But the most ambitious research was conducted deep under the ground – a project called “Gates”. Very few details are known about that particular venture, though it's a safe assumption that it led to the death of all staff despite the location being very highly protected.

Deep within the bunker, scientists must have awakened something way too powerful to be contained by force. One after another, they fell victim to a mysterious otherworldly creature.

Only empty shells, deprived of consciousness and will, remained of the best minds of the Empire. The document fragments, written by slowly degrading lab workers, mention the origin of the tragedy as “the Object”.

We will take the liberty of revealing its true name - the Architect.

The Architect is able to transform matter just as easily as the gods can, a power which is terrifying when it comes to modifying humans, animals and mechanisms.

Unfortunately, the laboratory workers at the time couldn’t expect any help from the outside world during the battle with this unknown enemy.

To eliminate the risk, Nezeb ordered the destruction of all documentation regarding the project. After he died, the project was forgotten, as well as the way to get there.

There is only one way to fully unravel the mystery and secrets of the Gates project – to face the Architect yourself. After all, some secrets are clearer when experienced for yourself, rather than explained second hand.

It won't be long before the expedition discovers the way to the heart of Ferris. Herbert, Murk and Elena will risk their lives to unravel the mystery of this unknown threat. Will you join the group of fearless surveyors to discover the staggering truth!?

You'd do well to bring many friends – for the final stage of this raid adventure promises to be the most spectacular in Allods Online history!


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