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6.0.2: Thunder Of Victory - New Allods!
6.0.2: Thunder Of Victory - New Allods!

Dear Sarnaut,

We're pleased to announce that update 6.0.2 “Thunder of Victory” is coming soon!

We'll be revealing all major changes and additional features over the course of next week. If you'd like to get an early sneak peak of some of the upcoming new allod locations, feel free to check out this video!

New Allods

Update 6.0.2 will bring five new allods - located within the astral - for players to explore.

You have already seen three of them during previous seasons: the termite isle Swarm Nest, the frosty jungle Altan Tepek and the sinister Mechanoids’ Lair. The remaining two locations deserve some special attention.

  • Quag Atoll

While cruising through the Astral, it is impossible to pass Quag Atoll without noticing it. If the sunlit beaches and splendid everblooming palms don't tempt you on sight, then the tales of long lost treasure chests hidden in its sands will surely do the trick. Failing that, the mysterious magical aura that surrounds this fascinating allods may raise your curiosity.

Forced landings are always unpleasant, but let’s not panic and spoil the beautiful first impression of this heavenly place! Walk around and you will find many interesting things.

For instance, Quag Atoll is the natural habitat of a very peculiar frog species.

An old legend says that a kiss can turn one of these frogs into a Valirian princess!

Try your luck, but watch your feet: some of the potential princesses might explode if you step on them! The allod is also populated with a sentient race of toads which can rarely be seen anywhere else in Sarnaut. The aborigines are slothful and not particularly malicious, though they have a habit of swallowing stray sailors - thankfully without chewing them up.

You should definitely get acquainted with their culture and visit their thatch huts!

Stray wicker baskets along the way may contain bottles of delicious strong brew, made by the toad people using local fruits. Be careful if sampling the brew as one might experience hallucinations. You may also come across gold coins from mints of the League and the Empire. Maybe the boatswain’s tales about treasures were true after all?

Be sure to visit the main attraction of the atoll – the stone totem of the toad people! Pay attention to the exquisite patterns on its surface - and also to the fact that unless you destroy the totem, you'll likely be eaten alive by the local shaman and his servants.

No pressure!

  • Triplefield

If you are not a fan of sultry tropical coasts, we suggest you visit Triplefield. The Kanian town of Triplefield used to be a historical monument to the peoples’ cohesion. Kanians and elves from the De Doucer house lived here in peace, brought together by high ideas and the goal of universal prosperity - oh, and the sheer Beauty!

Alas, the administrative and cultural center of the city is temporarily closed. The elves of the De Doucer house have turned into vampires and started a war against a tribe of werewolves - but don’t worry, you can still stay in a cozy village that Kanians have built for themselves on the edge of the allod.

Make sure to visit the fascinating elven enclave. Their leader, Alister de Doucer, will receive you in his chamber and demonstrate his excellence in handling trained bats. His servants will gladly perform a concert of harp music and entertain you with a pleasant conversation about the beauty of the twilight in this time of year.

Don’t miss your chance to meet the ethnical community of werewolves. To hear both humans and wolves singing under the full moon is a spectacular experience that you shouldn’t miss for anything in the world. The pack leader, Mstislav Ferocious, will share ancient tales of gray wolves with you, and show you some stunning fire tricks which he will perform in both human and wolf shape!

You should also visit the old part of the city.

Not so long ago, a Kanian inquisitor called Alex Gordev decided to try and deliver the elves from the vampire curse. The power of his faith shone brightly in his eyes as he scorched the evil with Holy magic… But something went wrong. Despite his holy attempts, he mysteriously succumbed to undeath himself, as did all his faithful associates.

Triplefeild is a sinister place, though valiant heroes are always welcome there - so put yourself to the test in these new locations, coming soon to astral space near you!

-The Allods Team