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Event: End Of The World!
Event: End Of The World!


"The people of Saurnat shall witness their homes being burned to ashes within the flames".

Dear Sarnaut,

Historians and Archaeologists from all corners of the Astral are currently in disarray, after their latest discovery was roughly translated into a catastrophic foretelling of the 'end of the world'. Some are intrigued by this discovery, maybe even sceptical, while others prepare for the worst.

Lara Lopatin, a brave historian found in Nezebgrad and Novograd, wishes to seek the truth behind this dubious translation. From November 20th until December 18th, will you put your differences aside and help investigate the meaning behind this impending doomsday?


The End of the World takes place over a four week period, offering players a chance to delve into a destructive mystery through important dailies and quests. It is recommended that you keep track of current affairs using your calendar no matter whether you fear the end of the world, hope to prevent it, or simply wish to profit from the chaos it is causing.

The closer we are to the 'end', the more important and desperate the quests will become!

If you'd like to share some apocalyptic survival tips, or need information on what you can do to help save Sarnaut, start posting in the "End of the World" dedicated discussion thread before it's too late!

-The Allods Team