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Radiant Strongbox of the Carnifex - Compensation
Radiant Strongbox of the Carnifex - Compensation

Finish Him!

Dear Sarnaut,

After viewing player feedback, we've noticed that the Radiant Strongbox of the Carnifex was marked at a price from an older date. In response to this oversight, we'll be reverting the price and issuing compensation to those who paid for the older version in order to normalize the difference.

Here's an example of compensation based on amount of boxes obtainable via previous price vs normalized price.

Crystal Amount Previous SB Amount Current SB Amount Compensation
160 Crystals 1 x Strongbox 6 x Strongbox 5 x Strongbox
1200 Crystals 10 x Strongbox 40 x Strongbox 30 x Strongbox
3000 Crystals 30 x Strongbox 100 x Strongbox 70 x Strongbox

Please note that compensation will be sent via in-game mail!

We apologize for the error and are grateful to those who highlighted this issue for investigation, hoping that players can now enjoy the sale in its normal form.

-The Allods Team