If you're a positive, passionate and experienced player, become part of our volunteer program!

Help us make the game better, brighter and more interesting by joining the ranks of players who have chosen to dedicate their free time to Allods and the gaming community.

Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes. Some expand our game with their own content, while others help develop the entire community. By joining the ranks of volunteers, you can help with community management, organizing events and many other interesting tasks, and your name will appear on the honor board!


Content makers, moderators, and testers are a very important part of the gaming community. They are creative and caring people who make the game even better. We really appreciate the volunteers' contributions to the project and want to introduce them to you!

Volunteer teams


You want to become a volunteer for the project and get on the honor board? Already have some enthusiasm for Allods? We're accepting new members and would love to consider you!



Making useful and interesting Allods videos? Write to our Discord group and show them off!

Every video you make can be rewarded by us! Keep in mind that your videos must respect several criteria.

The most popular video makers and streamers of the project get on the honor board.


You have a wealth of gaming experience and a desire to grow the gaming community? Wait to be recruited as a moderator (we'll tell you about it in a separate news item) and let us know!

Specific tasks and rewards are discussed in person.

All project moderators are placed on the honor board.


Have extensive game experience and good attention to detail? Understand game mechanics and are familiar with the game dummy?

Write to us! Specific tasks and rewards are discussed in person.

The project's most distinguished testers are put on the honor board.

Addon Developer

Are you the creator of several popular addons? Do you constantly create new ones and keep your old ones up to date?

We're constantly rewarding and honoring developers, together with and their addon store.

The most popular of the addon makers are put on the honor board.


Didn't find your version, but have something to show? We accept any creativity on the game - music, various graphics and any other kind of art! For personal questions you can always write to our community manager on the official forum of the game.