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Wednesday, September 29th 2021, 12:27pm

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

Math problem in Allods?

Ave Avarice Quoted 337*0.70 = 235.9 337*0.30 = 101.1 | 337 - 101 = 236 This math is wrong, quick example: You recive base 100 gold with 100% bonus, so it gives 200 gold. How calculate value before bonus? Substract 100% from 200? It wil give 0... I can't help with Firo Prestige, sorry. Quoted And if I get now 263 without Spark rubies, where does the other bonus come from that gives me 5% more still? I'm not sure where is that bonus coming from. You should check your Tabard or guild. There are rub...

Thursday, July 29th 2021, 6:22pm

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

Community Event: Tropical Atoll Travel Blog

Hello! I am Steamroller from Smuggler's Paradise and i want to tell you what happened to me on Tropical Atol: Day 1 Oh God, how beautifull is here! Evergreen palms, golden sand, and especially Parrots with feather in all colours of rainbow. There is only one small inconvience - Wraith Mount cant use his skill. Day 2 This is the greates place in the entire Sarnaut. Parrots woke me up with their song and I immediately went swimming. One tourist made rally good joke - by scaring me out of see with ...

Wednesday, April 17th 2019, 9:05am

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

What is this random emote? this should help

Monday, March 26th 2018, 6:44am

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

Best CC-GD Ratio to upgrade Runes?

Thursday, August 31st 2017, 5:30pm

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

Monthly Challenge August 2017: Trash Takeout

Name: Sponsor Server: New Frontier Do you remember "Prick Ears" magazine you can collect in Nezebgrad, lvl 6? That's how Empire deals with it

Monday, July 31st 2017, 7:21pm

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

Monthly Challenge July 2017: Guide of Creation

Name: Sponsor Server: New Frontier First of all I would like to attack MY.COM. Patch Notes are incorrect - version for 8.0.1, but on server he have 8.0.1... with hotfix! You may ask any Palladin if "Holy Ground is no longer cast independently of the overall cooldown. The ability basic damage has been increased by 38%. Casting it now costs 2 Canons of Light and 2 Canons of Purity" or it now costs 3 Canons. Even in-game descriptions can be wrong: Why effect of "Incernation" which "deals damage eve...

Tuesday, July 11th 2017, 6:22pm

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

Some Astral Sectors Trouble

People are NOT focusing on sector 14 People now have unlocked sectors 15 & 16 Ask your guildmates, maybe someone will take you to 15

Tuesday, July 11th 2017, 3:28pm

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

Tropic Atoll: Cocktail Contest

Survive Summer Character name: Sponsor Server: New Frontier Desired swimsuit: Sea Swimsuit Ingredients: 1x Chilled Vodka 1x "Rage" Energy Drink 1x Peppermin Tea 1x Ice Shard 3x Potent Mint 5x Astral Ice Essence 2x Arctic raspberry 10x Shard of Frozen Tear of the Dragon Vampires and other elves can add 1x Cold Blood of the Draconid Mix ingredients and: pour the Cocktail into the Astral ship's reactor (to increase its Cooling Capacity) or simply drink it

Tuesday, March 15th 2016, 2:39pm

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

7.0 - 7.1 - 7.2 Live in Russia - patchnote (+guides)

Quoted from "lithrium" Is it just me or do Healers seem incredibly boring with 7.0? I'm only seeing 3 healing abilities.. Refreshing Light, Rejuv and Halo. Hope this isn't the case. "Self-Sacrifice" sounds like an interesting ability that could have it's advantages. "Hotspot" looks so fun! Glad to have a blink now lol. 3 abilities? vampyrvenom have found 5 already. You can also add skills that gives barrier (Have you play RIFT? There was a Purifier class with skills for absorb incoming dmg) or ...

Saturday, June 6th 2015, 7:09am

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

Which racials should i take?

2 pages? One pages gives ALL racial skilss (at least it gave me when i bought mine). Cooldowns are shared, so if you use first skill you can't use second one for 2min. There's no point in taking 2 pages... But if that was changed: Warped Faith [Arisen]- briliant for FH, for CH....pfff... some name [Xadaganian]- some almost useless effect... pfff Teness Shiel [Kanian]- abosrbs some portion of damage Vindictive Punishment [Elf] burns enemy mana, good in PvP (favourite target- enemy Healer) in PvE....

Monday, May 11th 2015, 7:05pm

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

[PMB] Paoolina - healer of the Plague!

It was a while since my last post, so this time I would to ask a few questions at once: 1. First of all, Congratulations for 3rd place! 2. What rubies you have instead of "Ray of Hope" in scond screen? 3. "Divine Punishment"... Why? It won't give you anything- you don't have "Reproach", "Paralysis" nor "Exorcism". 4. No "Thunderer"? 5. Is 5% from "Surge of Faith" better than 10% crit from "Divine Infusion"?

Sunday, April 19th 2015, 12:10am

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

[PMB] Paoolina - healer of the Plague!

Tirraqoax, Heresy Fighter increases your physical damage to targets under Cleansing Flame by 13/26/39%. It is even written in this guide. To the author: I see you are using "Ray of Hope" in Full Healer. I remember in patch 5.0 it was changed- works only in Aspect of Light or Aspect of Rage. It was changed back?

Tuesday, March 31st 2015, 7:03pm

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

[PMB] Healer SangHyang

once tried to play FH without Refreshing Light... and it was one of the worst of my builds... But as Imperial Navy Inteligance says Refreshing Light is weak- few days ago someone gave me this (boss fight): Skils are: Святое Исцеление Holy Healing благословение Perpetual Healing Небесный Свет Celestial Light дар исцелениа Gift of Healing (from Speck of Light) Псуелние Divine Prayer Печать Света Sacred Blessing Живительный Свет Refreshing Light Провидение Providence Напутствие Divine Foresight 3 b...

Monday, March 23rd 2015, 10:21pm

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

Some questions about rubies and how they work!

2) I would take both, but if you ask... Rugged Fighter is one of most important rubies... for tanks and in PvP. Of course in PvE it also have some uses***. For DPS, especially in PvP I would rather take Bash- it's CC skill and allows you to use Arcing Blow (on of your best ST DPS skill). 3) Real use? For chasing someone or mobs. Btw, for kitting you can also use Hack,Headbutt,Knee Shot... 4) ... What is you question? Which one should you take? Or you want to know if warrior can do serious DPS fr...

Friday, March 20th 2015, 8:05am

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

An Appeal for More People

One question: HOW LONG will last 2100 crystals subscription? Because on the forum I read "2100 per 6 months" or "42euro for 1year game which is 4.2k crystal". On main page i can see subscription for 2100 crystals with 90 days duration...

Tuesday, March 10th 2015, 6:30am

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

The Highest Art of Alchemy - level 65

Someone could probably find better place... but no matter how high is current lvl cap, in Tka-Rik's cave you will find tons of demons.

Friday, February 6th 2015, 3:20pm

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

Healer Melee or Caster?

Quoted from "bakokangsalangit" Cleansing flame will boost physical damage to 39% and other skills remain as is..what i heard... There will be other boosts for MH, yet not so important as +40%: - "Veracity" in addition to the old effect now "Particle of Light" will immobilise target for 1/2/3 sec. Yes, "Chain of Ligh" also - New rubies: "Heavenly Smite" gives 1/2/3 "Fanaticism" effect. Extra burst: "Holy Rage"-> "Heavenly Smite"-> PoL salvo-> "Holy Rage"-> whatever you have... And extra health (...

Monday, February 2nd 2015, 2:40pm

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

Summy or Healer?

Quoted from "Yokatan" Thx mate! and you know if in 6.0 patch the summy will continue better than healer for pve heal? It will. There won't be any serious nerf for Summoner. Only phlebo-something will be giving blood every 4 seconds (now 3), and will deal you less dmg. Healer tree Prepare for a huge Healer boost: +40% for... MH damage. Healing Healers will get new skill, extra Fanaticism when using "Heavenly Smite" and some CC and small anti-CC, but it's more important in PvP than PvE. For PvE j...

Monday, December 29th 2014, 3:57pm

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

It's been a while.

I'll just skip question: why most of the players (not only scouts) prefer rank 3 over rank 2 of skill, as it gives only ~5% extra dmg... But what is really strange: "Supernatural Speed" r2... if I'm correct it teleports you to the target. You use ranged skills- you should stay away. Better increase rank of "Caltrops" instead of this... "Extra Speed" and "Mean Tricks" increasing dmg and decreasing colldown of skill, you won't use is bad idea "Rapid Heartbeat" You don't have any problems with ener...

Thursday, December 18th 2014, 3:22pm

Author: SpHonKxxVngjAnikLsor

Sharing thoughts on free respec @ level 60

Is it even possible? Week ago I got coupon as Reinc. After that I can't get on my main.