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Monday, June 5th 2017, 8:03am

Author: bakokangsalangit

How do I get stronger

Be like Saitama! [img][/img]

Wednesday, April 1st 2015, 6:35am

Author: bakokangsalangit

[PMB] Healer SangHyang

Quoted from "Bluescarlet" is it really possible to play fullheal cleric without Devoted Plea and Refreshing Light ? o.o Yes, in PVP you don't heal using Devoted and Refreshing due to it's casting time. I even full healed pve/astrals s2-s3 without using it since this new patch.

Wednesday, March 25th 2015, 2:33am

Author: bakokangsalangit

[PMB]Priest changes in 6.0 with builds by Tauau

Hi! Great guide and nice builds Curious questions though: 1. why only r2 anathema in your pvp build? shouldn't it be r3 for optimal dps since it is used often? 2. divine prayer, is this insta cast on melee aspect? Also, stats desirable for each build would be great! -cheers!

Friday, February 6th 2015, 3:02am

Author: bakokangsalangit

Healer Melee or Caster?

Quoted from "nebeski" +1 for caster, till next patch where mh will be boosted for 40%+ dmg as i heard... Cleansing flame will boost physical damage to 39% and other skills remain as is..what i heard...

Tuesday, April 29th 2014, 3:25pm

Author: bakokangsalangit

red/black ping

Any update from GMs regarding this issue? I'm also experiencing red to black ping for 3 weeks now. Prior to merge (NA server) I can do streaming, download and Allods at the same time and still having green ping. And I'm 100% sure it's not my internet connection (played other Online games and I don't see this lag issues). My internet connection: Any suggestions to improve Allods gaming experience is greatly appreciated. Cheers!

Tuesday, March 25th 2014, 2:46am

Author: bakokangsalangit

Lag Issues after Update

I have the same Lag Issue as well, at first I thought it was my connection but after testing on other online games and downloading I don't see any issues, so there's no way my connection is causing the lag. Before the transfer I haven't experience yellow ping in Allods, but now I'm having red and black pings. This is really frustrating!