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Wednesday, September 9th 2015, 11:16am

Author: Modliszka

OMG! Can we get this tournament?

That kind of tournament would be welcomed by a lot of players I guess. Equal gear, runes, other cash shop! Promotional Video - click here Me want this!

Thursday, April 16th 2015, 1:26pm

Author: Modliszka

[PMB] Modliszka PVP build tips

If I had to introduce myself I would have to write that I am not a hardcore player any more. But I a am playing summoner fourth year now, so I decided to write a few tips for my fellow class mates I am former guild leader of Madness on f2p server originating from PL server. I love pvp and honestly skirmishes and Sundays' dominions were for me a reason to play Allods for last year. Apart from it I have recently leveled summoner on p2p server and joined Utopie guild. So the build I present you is ...

Monday, April 6th 2015, 11:52am

Author: Modliszka

Allowed to transfer items between characters connected to same account?

If your characters are on the same fraction (both league or both empire) you can simply post items via in-game mail (if they are not bound). You cannot transfer items through fractions (from league to empire or the other way)

Tuesday, March 31st 2015, 9:40pm

Author: Modliszka

[PMB] Healer SangHyang

Quoted from "Bluescarlet" is it really possible to play fullheal cleric without Devoted Plea and Refreshing Light ? o.o He said why he isn't using them. It is PvP build - in PvP you want to heal quick - and these spells you mentioned are the only ones which have cast time (are not cast instantly) in aspect of mercy ofc. My personal healing guru thought me when I was making priest reinc to never ever take these shitty spells. This doesn't make that I consider this this build as good - for exampl...

Friday, April 18th 2014, 12:03pm

Author: Modliszka

Healer 6 builds by Noisia

Enlightenment rubies increase your determination (if I correctly noticed) so you rather not need them in pve builds

Wednesday, April 16th 2014, 11:39am

Author: Modliszka

DD offheal universal one-handed weapon build of summy

Quoted from "mikha" In PvE offhealer build is useless really. My dps is so low that I prefer to switch to FH and make sure that my party don't die! Paladins and Warden with support build have better offheal than me in offheal build XD I don't get it, why ppl assume that when they off-heal they should also be on top of dps meter? The role of off-heal is to help FH and improve a little dps compared to party with 2 healers (if you remember beginnings of doing s29+ or 41+) When you do dps comparabl...

Wednesday, April 16th 2014, 9:38am

Author: Modliszka

DD offheal universal one-handed weapon build of summy

Quoted from "dragonsvk8" Do NOT ever try to make "off heal" build now after revamp since it sucks and you will either do very low dps or very low heals. True, but... I have found off-heal spec (dps-oriented) really interesting and versatile. PVP - off-heal is just the best option for summies. You can run FH - but you will never outperform FH priests in terms of survival, and cc resistance Full dps build for pvp is just not mobile enough, coz you need to stand still to do any dps, and your defen...

Monday, April 14th 2014, 9:57am

Author: Modliszka

Volatile infection + toxic weakness

Quoted from "mikha" So works only on Vampirism/Life Tap? Stupid translation QQ It works also with Howl of Death - since 4.03.

Friday, April 11th 2014, 11:10am

Author: Modliszka

New stat strongboxes?

Quoted from "Oracle" Basic amount of stats is 10 at level 60. The study of perfection from previous patches gives 3/3/3/9 points. It's 3/3/3/6 if you got all you have 25 stat points to assign. New stats are added, you can change their distribution by clicking your martyr icon, but you can assign all of them to only 1 stat if you have all +21 you can boosts one of your defensive stats by 21 exactly. You cannot distribute them (like +11 to vitality and +10 to bloodlust)

Friday, April 11th 2014, 12:19am

Author: Modliszka

summy build help pve

Quoted from "Chipmunko" well taking opportunity can u tell me if this is fine for FH summy ?!4!121..3…choilnd/GEOMQWG PS: looking for Dracias opinion especially thx I am not Draci, but i can tell you its nonsense - why taking rubies that reduces cd on vamp when you are not gonna use it? take instead rubies that increase crit on blood shot for example.

Monday, April 7th 2014, 8:17am

Author: Modliszka

[Guide] New 60 Gear Guide (WIP)

Quoted from "Barut" And don't buy epic crafted gear like me, you will regreat it. Fable 52 gear > Blue Astral > Epic Crafted In terms of pve you are right - in terms of pvp ff52 is just kamikaze mode - you can do a lot of dps but you are like paper. Besides blue astral wand/bow and weapon is way better than anything else.

Thursday, April 3rd 2014, 2:47pm

Author: Modliszka

Addons that work with 5.0.01

Quoted from "Buck" TELEPORT ENHANCER When using this addon I was unable to see Private Allod. When the locations screen opens, at the top (not immediately obvious) there is an empty box. If this box is selected, Private Allod, if you have one, and Hangar are displayed. Clicking on these will then teleport you to that location. Perhaps these locations will be added to the others in a future update to this addon. I'm using this addon nearly a year now, and for me the main utility of this addon is...

Thursday, April 3rd 2014, 2:10pm

Author: Modliszka

Im trying something like this for PvP!

Quoted from "Elvespresley" Its like this atm.. You probably forgot to put rubies in frightful presence and empowered infections - or link to the build is broken. In my opinion taking blood flow rubies and not taking wf is a waste of 3 rubies I'll try going with that build- I have to see if withering touch will be enough to trigger decomposition fast enough.

Thursday, April 3rd 2014, 1:39pm

Author: Modliszka

Crafted EPIC Wand VS Blue Astral Wand

Put on one wand (crafted epic) hoover over any spell that do dmg or heal Put on another one (blue astral or even blue from leveling quest) - check same spell again you will find that epic crafted gives you less dps/heal than blue one (even this from leveling!!! - "wand of the basher" if I remember right) I checked it on life tap - 41k with epic crafted / 44k with blue leveling wand So do not bother to buy/craft that shit. (sorry greedy crafters )

Monday, March 31st 2014, 8:46am

Author: Modliszka

thoughts on build? (returning player)

Check other threads - you will find some leveling builds there:…ad&threadID=936…ad&threadID=563 That build was playable at 51 lvl but now its not - now we got cd on vamp 30 seconds and many more changes, so before you start thinking about builds - make sure you know the mechanics of summoner after 4.03

Monday, March 31st 2014, 8:41am

Author: Modliszka

Pimp my Summoner (PL version)

W tym buildzie pve coś jest nie tak - 1 rubin do skrócenia cd vampa? A buildu pvp nie czaję - szczególnie brak rubinków skracających cd na panaceum

Monday, March 31st 2014, 8:34am

Author: Modliszka

Demlock's Summoner Guide 4.0 - NA 1st place PMB (Still Mostly applies)

Maybe you don't know, but withering touch rubies now triggers decomposition only from neurotoxin at rate (33%/66%/100%) so in FH build is waste of 3 rubies. As for DPS - doing simple acid build is good only is you are very low on rubies - otherwise you should make acid+vamp+howl build

Saturday, March 29th 2014, 12:07pm

Author: Modliszka

Build help.

Quoted from "dragonsvk8" Quoted from "marta8933" What i can change in this build ?!4!332...3.…E!uggjb/YWJHRGF Ful Lvling build. well I think u seen the other thread since this is my build from there so nope I wouldnt change anything here :d BTW Draci - have you tested this build you posted? Never used acid bolt + lurker

Saturday, March 29th 2014, 12:02pm

Author: Modliszka

New Rubys

Quoted from "Autopsyst" renewal is main heal skill when lvling. actually, the only time when the use of a lurker pet while leveling is justified - is when you are really low geared. Or when you are really well geared, but in that case, you will probably manage with any reasonable build . I used my pvp build for level from 55. As for dark renewal - it was my only healing spell for leveling, and now the majority of time I need to offheal I just hot tank with it every fight.

Friday, March 28th 2014, 10:42am

Author: Modliszka

Build help.

Quoted from "marta8933" What i can change in this build ?!4!332...3.…E!uggjb/YWJHRGF Ful Lvling build. What is full leveling build? As of that build you posted - I am not a fun of vamp build with acid bolt - i would suggest you ordinary vamp build Something like this (keeping your number of talent points and rubies)!4!132...3.…!urvkvt/EWGPHHE