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Wednesday, August 25th 2021, 3:07pm

Author: apple19992

Russians have a better event

I'll keep it brief: Russians currently have the wheel of fortune event, but us, we have just a magic lamp! Can't we get the wheel as well -_-"

Wednesday, August 25th 2021, 11:46am

Author: apple19992

Achilles here

They're opening Legendary layer today, so expect to see many players, until they all obtain gear, then activity might drop. Dominion still succeeds at bringing many players online! Otherwise, I can't think of anything that would make someone play the game **shrugging emoji** I have to ask, are you Achilles from AR server?

Friday, February 22nd 2019, 1:46pm

Author: apple19992

10.0 «Destination Horizon» Update

Wait, why did you delete my comment that had links to the russian forum lol I put info about classes and equipment and what u do is delete? XD u serious?

Thursday, February 21st 2019, 11:50pm

Author: apple19992

News from Ru server: Update 10.0

New Classes (translated from Russian): Vityaz (sort of new warroir) Pathfinder (sort of archer with pets!) Witcher (sort of wizard-summy-psio class!!!) Equipment system changes: set for PVE, another for PVP

Tuesday, February 6th 2018, 4:05pm

Author: apple19992

Best player in each class drama thread

I nominate myself as a good warrior tank (CC build) #Aoidos. Quit but coming back next patch.

Tuesday, February 6th 2018, 3:48pm

Author: apple19992

In Development: Equipment Collection

In other words, bringing back the old system?

Wednesday, September 13th 2017, 4:46pm

Author: apple19992

8.0.2 "Foreshadow" Maintenance - 13/09/2017

You're taking forever to do this OMG XD Still no patch notes + they didn't update the official page how wonderful!

Wednesday, September 13th 2017, 1:28pm

Author: apple19992

Why is everything super slow?

They're paid this is not some volunteering work or something! + I checked the RU forum for patch notes but should I keep doing this for every single upcoming update? why don't they just merge with RU servers! like seriously they're doing nothing but: 1/Providing the game in understandable languages. 2/Taking our money. Not sure if they're that simple or doing it in purpose knowing that people will keep playing, because if this situation is not changing then people will just quit! They do zero ef...

Wednesday, September 13th 2017, 9:55am

Author: apple19992

Why is everything super slow?

Hey there ^_^ So as the title says why is everything related to news slow to be released! I really don't get it, where's the trailer? where are the patch notes? why do you wait till the last moment to update the launcher? why do you wait till you release the radian box to mention it in the launcher? I'm a regular and I've been playing for 4 years now so I know when is the maintenance taking place and other stuff but seriously why is the administration taking their job for granted? the amount of ...

Friday, August 25th 2017, 3:38pm

Author: apple19992

Fragile clear rune of level 13

I saw an item tag in world chat lately, it was a fragile clear rune of level 13 that turns into 36k CC after 30 days. My question is: where on earth can that be obtained from? the player himself didn't want to reply EDIT: never mind I found it in boutique

Tuesday, August 22nd 2017, 1:21am

Author: apple19992

“Creation” CE: Now Purchasable With Crystals!

Quoted from "Galldur" when I see posts like this I feel next patch very soon Because next patch (8.0.2) is gonna take place next month or so! It's already live in the Russian server ^__^

Wednesday, August 16th 2017, 9:31pm

Author: apple19992

Monthly Challenge August 2017: Trash Takeout

Such dangerous materials should be kept away from Sarnaut's dwellers, nothing better than throwing them from the edge to the unkown. character name: Aoidos server name: New Frontier ps: Sorry for the previous replies wasn't spamming just didn't know how to post the image properly.

Friday, July 21st 2017, 2:52pm

Author: apple19992

Promoting for your guild is allowed.

Quoted from "Nadmon" I would like to know if I can publish in Portuguese (because it is a Brazilian guild) without violating the rules of the forum. Promoting for your guild in any language you like is allowed as long as you respect the game's rules (no chat spamming, the use of appropriate: wording and guild name) The following rules are quoted from the General In Game Rules Thread: "Language – Using inappropriate language or attempting to evade the chat filter by misspelling inappropriate wor...

Saturday, May 13th 2017, 4:20pm

Author: apple19992

Name The New Server Contest - Entry Thread

Name: [Aoidos] Server: [New Frontier] Suggested Name: 1/Ever-changing Sarnaut 2/The Resurrection 3/A Legend's Reborn 4/Everlasting Battle NOTE: If only one name must be suggested then I choose: Ever-changing Sarnaut.

Sunday, February 22nd 2015, 12:47pm

Author: apple19992

problem with sniper's buils

you mean "killer instinct"?

Saturday, February 21st 2015, 8:26pm

Author: apple19992

problem with sniper's buils

Hi, how are you .... i have a freind he is SNIPER he used to have 19 in stat of luck but he changed his build, and now his luck decreased to 14 ,how can he increase his luck (luck from guild is avtive+he don't have Holy wpn) THX