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Monday, December 4th 2023, 6:35pm

Author: Enoque

Scout PvP DPS melee 14.1 P2P

Scout Greetings, today I come to show you my pvp 14.1 archer build In my opinion, I don't recommend playing with scout in raids or compass, I feel like he doesn't have a good AoE. but his single is amazing. So, if you asked me I would say that archer is a PVP-only class so far. Talents I have two lvl 1 ranged skills, but I'll explain better in the rubies part first page focused on attributes. increased fire damage by %, survival and a trap that causes stun and vulnerability. main page for improv...

Saturday, December 2nd 2023, 4:20pm

Author: Enoque

Psi PVE DPS 4.1 P2P

PSI hello, I bring you my psy pve DPS 14.1 build before the changes (p2p) psi has high AoE damage, playing with the right rotations. Talents build aimed entirely at pve Without the rubies, only blade storm and psychosis would do area damage this is why we use this: for me agony is the aoe strongest psi have, so always use agony when the mob has blade storm effect followed by scorching too Stats i`m always using this, i just change for more brut when i`m in boss area. Combo Mental link: u`ll do m...

Sunday, November 26th 2023, 2:08pm

Author: Enoque

Priest pve 14.1 p2p

Priest 14.1 (p2p) Good morning players, today I bring a pve build for priest. Priest is the best class for beginners, having high AoE damage and many survival skills. considerable class, easy to play but very strong for the game's content. Talents for pve I avoided using melee skills, because in high content, a mistake is fatal so I prefer to stick with long range attacks Talents mixed with high area damage with protective skills for both allies and oneself. Rubies first page of rubies focused o...

Sunday, October 29th 2023, 4:40pm

Author: Enoque

«Halloween Mascarade» contest

I chose the Foul Dale map because it shows more chaotic aspects and a brighter red. Clear place but with monsters lurking just waiting for the opportunity to murder you. But just one Joker doesn't hurt anyone, or at least that's what they think..... Weapon Appearance Bloody CrusaderCap Ministrel Maskshoulder decoration white mouseCape Tail of the Father of LiesOutfit Kanian Folk CostumePet Midget ClownYuji (Smugglers Paradise)

Sunday, August 27th 2023, 6:50pm

Author: Enoque

Warrior PvP DPS 14.1

Warrior PvP DPS Good morning. Today I come to show my pvp build of warrior 14.1 P2P as we know warrior does not have a massive burst, but a high DPS. so it's important to use brutality on your character. here I have 3 talents left because I'm seeing if it would be more worth evolving Mighty Leap to lvl 3 or jagged slice lvl 2. the warrior's damage comes from rubies, where most of them greatly increase the warrior's physical power. skills with damage potential are separated into Blow and thrust, ...

Tuesday, July 18th 2023, 9:59pm

Author: Enoque

Mage PvP 14.0

Good afternoon, I saw that the mage tab is outdated so I decided to bring the one I use on a daily basis for PvP on the smugglers paradise server. In order to have a good gameplay in PvP, we choose the fire build, because its burst is higher and if the enemy doesn't raise a barrier, he will probably be dead. We chose to use almost all rubies in this area, as it helps sustain the mage's damage by scaling to the maximum when staked. such as this "Might of Fire" ruby, essential for you who need to ...

Monday, June 5th 2023, 11:37pm

Author: Enoque

Build Paladin Pvp DPS 14.0 P2P

Good afternoon, friends. I bring to you my talent tree and PvP status that have pleased me the most in recent days. PVP Radiant Chain and Blinding Blow at level 1, as they are merely supportive abilities, and with a ruby, we can reduce their cooldown. At this moment, it can be observed that not all the Supremacy rubies were used, precisely because I don't find the additional % of sacred damage necessary. Discipline is the talent that will reduce the cooldown of Radiant Chain and Blinding Blow. N...