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Sunday, January 1st 2017, 12:50pm

Author: KurtSloan

CTML+M => Game Crash!!

OMG, I still cant log into the game.

Tuesday, September 9th 2014, 10:01am

Author: KurtSloan

New Frontier unavailable

Earlier I actually thought I was kicked from my guild and i was raging on the inside. But thanks for clarifying it out that its an unexpected error in the server.

Tuesday, September 9th 2014, 7:30am

Author: KurtSloan

Cant get on?

They''re just renting the servers. And they forgot to pay bills on time, thats why they were cut off and now we cant play. Thats one possibility.

Tuesday, September 9th 2014, 7:23am

Author: KurtSloan

Ok allods wtf

Didn't they announce ahead of time that they will turn off the server? If not, maybe its some unexpected technical problems that was out of their control. Expect additional lucky moments or free gifts sent to our in-game inbox; their way of apologizing to us.