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Saturday, September 14th 2019, 8:21pm

Author: Pistol

From the Comunity to the Developers how everyone feels right now

Saturday, September 7th 2019, 2:01am

Author: Pistol

[PMB 10.1] SpaZ

-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶-̶ Note: I'll be editing this on my free time up until the 27th PMB 10.1 Engineer (SpaZ) Hello, I'm SpaZ from the guild Legends and my main role for Legends in Engineer. In 10.1 Engineer is needed for every aspect of endgame making it the most needed class. I've always enjoyed support classes the most so I'll be showing you what I think are the most viable builds for both pve and pvp. So t...

Tuesday, January 30th 2018, 3:20pm

Author: Pistol

Compensation For Blocked Accounts

Majority of the community has been unbanned and more will follow. Just simply enjoy the game now.

Sunday, June 18th 2017, 9:21am

Author: Pistol

Answers to your questions (Summoner builds)

Heres a link to a quick tutorial of the viable builds you'll need in endgame.

Friday, June 16th 2017, 7:35am

Author: Pistol

Monthly Challenge June: Video of Creation

Silly question, but could you link the Official Allods Twitter and Facebook please. thank you.

Wednesday, July 6th 2016, 8:03pm

Author: Pistol

Task Force: Entry Submission Thread

Name: SpaZ Server: New Frontier ► Win a random skirmish – 10 points. ► Give money to a beggar – 10 points. ► In full class-costume (any tier), salute your class trainer in your capital city – 10 points. ► Win a ranked arena match – 10 points. ► Create an epic Weapon – 10 points. ► Go for a cold swim in Eljune – 10 points. ► Complete a solo Distortion – 10 points. ► Kill any raid boss and dance on their corpse – 10 points. ► Visit Gorluxor in his own tower and wave at him – 10 points. ► Kill the ...

Saturday, February 7th 2015, 6:18pm

Author: Pistol

Red Ping

my preformance is always green and its not a internet issue cause i play other games so smoothly its only allods and this problem started 2-3 days ago i always had green ping

Saturday, February 7th 2015, 10:35am

Author: Pistol

Red Ping

im having an issue like whenever i go to crowded places like AOD novo wh etc... my ping goes red but when im out or at the arena less crowded places goes back green i tried repairing the client disabling firewall but it's still the same this started from yesterday any one had this issue before? i always had green ping . its not from my internet i know for a fact people go invis ever sec this needs to be fixed a couple of people said they are having the same issue