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Saturday, May 3rd 2014, 11:37am

Author: BarutFt.Gun

Weapons for warriors

You should read the description of weapons in Ezells PMB guide,He explained it good. ToXiC best guild ISA/ZAK

Saturday, May 3rd 2014, 11:34am

Author: BarutFt.Gun

[PMB]Warrior guide - Achilles

@ ottomatic "How many people need to tell him links aren't allowed? A decent guide. For AoE Packs. CHARGE >> DOUBLE BLOW >> LUNGE >> DOUBLE BLOW >> LUNGE >> CRUSHING BLOW >> WHIRLWIND. Replace CHARGE for FLAWLESS STRIKE and repeat abilities 2 through to 5 skipping CRUSHING BLOW as it will still be on cool down and just use WHIRLWIND as soon as you have 65 Combat Advantage. Personally, I prefer Crushing Blow >> Reasoned Aggression >> Flawless Strike or Double Blow >> Lunge >> Flawless Strike or D...

Saturday, May 3rd 2014, 11:30am

Author: BarutFt.Gun

[PMB] How to give them Nightmares (Pvp/Pve)

I think it's too basic .It should give more tips and stuff.But everyone got his ways. ToXiC best guild ISA/ZAK

Saturday, May 3rd 2014, 11:27am

Author: BarutFt.Gun

[PMB] Ezell's warrior Guide (PvE talents & rubies)

Man that's realy good guide.Everything is so clear ,nice and easy to understand but also completly explained.If people want too make PMB it should be educative,easy and fun to read ( those quotes from famous persons and warrior quotes are so interesting) .not like some players do,wall of texts and just links in thread,makes hours to read and even more to understand,links by the way not allowed . ToXiC best guild /ISA/ZAK.

Saturday, May 3rd 2014, 11:22am

Author: BarutFt.Gun

[PMB] PvE in a Nutshell

You guys that reply,you don't need to tell what you would put,if you say something like that make your own PMB entry.If someone makes his guide he knows what he is doing.Or not?

Saturday, May 3rd 2014, 11:20am

Author: BarutFt.Gun

[Pmb] Extreme Afk Build

Must be First place this build is such a guide that you will never find.