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Thursday, June 13th 2019, 6:23pm

Author: Nino

Question about the Web Shop items

When you buy the items they are permanent to your character of choice. If your asking if the sale is permanent, probably not and who in the sarnaut knows since allods likes to leave info out. Idiots.. cough Warning: when you buy from shop sale expect to wait an hour or two before u even get mail with your item. Allods logic: “lets not tell them about it”

Thursday, June 13th 2019, 6:08pm

Author: Nino

Demonic keychain (f2p)

Bought on my other account the other day. Still don’t have it, where the hell is it at !? I even bought a costume twice takes forever to be mailed to my account. At least warn us about that shit

Friday, April 12th 2019, 4:49am

Author: Nino

Old shaman totem

It’s a cosmetic item. Anybody know how to get it? Someone was saying you get it in inbox but I never got one?