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Saturday, February 4th 2017, 12:35am

Author: Ptrck

Boost event: "10-20-30" - 03/02/17

Can you extend this event? My pay is on the way at 15th lol

Wednesday, January 4th 2017, 1:58am

Author: Ptrck

build for PVP Support DPS and Build for astral support DPS

DPS build!4!333..3.…FBYHC!a/YHJOWPC

Monday, January 2nd 2017, 8:49pm

Author: Ptrck

function: Auto discard cursed items

i don't mind cursed items really, what i do mind is the gray items, auto sell gray items addon is broken

Monday, January 2nd 2017, 8:45pm

Author: Ptrck

10 pcs of holy symbols per day

Quoted from "ALLODS-ONLINE-PLAYER" there is daily present when you do a small task holy symbol parts can be in there too build personal allod you get a lot of gold you can buy many holy symbols with that that's another thing though. its like the dailies from the rune merchant. gives incense and mount food but you can't get hook to that because there's no goal getting it unless you're levelling your mount xD still ending up to quit the game. what i proposed is there's a goal and you can really g...

Monday, January 2nd 2017, 8:31pm

Author: Ptrck

10 pcs of holy symbols per day

10pcs of holy symbols will hook a player who wants to play for free for about 2.7 years and make him online everyday. people will get hook to this game and learn something "end game adventures" rather than quitting in the middle of the game knowing nothing about the end game perks. it's just me but it i think it will make the population grow.

Monday, January 2nd 2017, 8:12pm

Author: Ptrck


increase the expiration time of the existing collector's item would be good.

Monday, January 2nd 2017, 8:09pm

Author: Ptrck

If you've had a chance... would you?

Quoted from "VashBOG™" Astral Notice how only 2 people made it to the allod. what addon you're using in that lower right?

Sunday, January 1st 2017, 4:21am

Author: Ptrck

CTML+M => Game Crash!!

happy new year bug i guess?

Sunday, January 1st 2017, 4:04am

Author: Ptrck

Bought the Collectors edition. got nothing.

mine got on my 1st char which is a dummy char my main char didnt have it already sent a ticket they are still fixing too long

Sunday, January 1st 2017, 3:58am

Author: Ptrck


When you press Ctrl+M my game client crash/hang/ is it only me? I can't do the daily quest for everyday log in because of that.