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Tuesday, April 8th 2014, 12:42am

Author: Augusti

Regarding endgame

I am a returning player from few years back, have a lvl 35 paladin. I would really like to experience some endgame astral sailing and raids etc but I have no interest in sinkin thousands of euros in a single game. SO, a few questions: Is it possible to transfer your character from f2p to p2p server? Is the endgame still a huge moneysink on f2p server, or can you experience it with say, sub 100 euros? Did I understand right that the runes are changed so that I can't manipulate the runes found und...

Saturday, March 29th 2014, 9:35am

Author: Augusti

please the fix the download servers

At least you can get into the game! I have been downloading for some 12 hours now and I am 25% done. Can't even get in game with any of my characters. Why can't the launcher use p2p downloading or SOMETHING!! This is just ridicilous! Just in comparison, any 7 gb game downloads thru Steam in less than 15 minutes for me....