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Sunday, March 30th 2014, 9:01pm

Author: Cyno

What is "Travel Mode"?

So I've been looking at the rubies and talents say that certain spells have damage increase or range increase with "travel mode". However I looked around the talent grid and rubies but I couldn't find such a spell. Does anyone know what that spell is? Also where to get it?

Monday, March 24th 2014, 4:41am

Author: Cyno

Lf endgame guild.

Looking to join an endgame guild on Empire side. Characters: Cyno (Warrior, DPS + level 60) Runes: 777/666 Gear: Wellebell Gamestyle: PvE but when I'm properly geared I'm interested in guild PvP content/raids Time zone: EST Availability: Afternoons on Mon, Tues, Sat and Sun. Wed, Thurs and Fri I have busy class days usually About myself: Friendly, talkative, helpful, and an active player

Saturday, March 22nd 2014, 3:55am

Author: Cyno

The new stat System and other things that changed...

Okay so I did a little reading here and there and I couldn't find any guide whatsoever about the new stat system. I'm not sure where to put my points in the new stat system. I'm currently a PvE DPS build so I'm guessing proficiency/brutality? How about determination? How about putting all your points in proficiency? Would that be viable? Just like back then how people always put their points in luck? Also what percentage do we need to attain for each stat? Do we need a certain percentage to have...