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Sunday, June 2nd 2019, 3:33pm

Author: Kutchek

New Trial of Blood (increase spark xp gain)

stop complaining, you crafted so far one epic thats all, will full epic it should be way easier. Even without full epic, with correct stats u should be able to do it. And Dragagon yes with lvl 9 runes its fuckin easy aswell, people use to rush trials before with dumb stats and not paying attention to anything, time to step up.

Sunday, February 10th 2019, 4:58pm

Author: Kutchek

Désactiver les runes en instances PVP et PVE

une source de motivation pour les joueurs mais pas pour mycom. Ils n'ont rien à gagné à faire sa, or on sait bien que seul le profil les intéresse.

Tuesday, November 20th 2018, 3:56am

Author: Kutchek

Strongbox of the Secret Power - 24/10/2018

hi, Is this box will ever come back ? It was supposed to stay on boutique but somehow it was removed. ty

Monday, October 15th 2018, 8:33pm

Author: Kutchek

News from Ru server: Update 10.0

worst update ever, will make a lot of people quit lul

Sunday, June 17th 2018, 11:49pm

Author: Kutchek

Petit salut d'un vieux gibb !(jetecontrole)

tiens jtc jsuis sur que tu peux reconnaître ton bateau sur certains séquences

Friday, June 8th 2018, 5:59pm

Author: Kutchek

[video] Anyone saw this before ? (lag issue) Some insane lags. I did all the update i need on my graphic cards, reboot my rooter, reinstall the game, nothing happen. I ping the server : octets=32 temps=16 ms TTL=51

Sunday, May 27th 2018, 5:26am

Author: Kutchek

The Game Needs More Players

I remember when some items used to cost 20k bc like talent respec and stats now you can find them for 2k or 3k bc, its just an exemple, many items used to cost way more before. And you guys say that cs kill the game ? Everything is getting cheap now, i would say people are killing the game now.

Saturday, February 17th 2018, 5:27pm

Author: Kutchek

Faction change: @allodsteam

Sadly they will never put this item again on the game.

Wednesday, January 31st 2018, 10:28pm

Author: Kutchek

Le nerf Eclaireur pour quand ?

L'eclaireur est bien nerf a la prochaine mise a jour.

Thursday, January 25th 2018, 2:29pm

Author: Kutchek

account being banned

I can't believe they're making an event after such a wave of ban. It show the amateurs behind this are really incompetent. You guys just have to remember last wave of ban about this, there is still people who didn't do anything, and still ban now.

Monday, September 5th 2016, 2:27pm

Author: Kutchek

Parrainage ?

Bonjour, Après maintes demandes en jeu et d'attente je me permets de demander directement ici est ce qu'un jour vous comptez remettre le système de parrainage en place ? Des amis veulent me rejoindre sur le jeu et je suis incapable de les parrainer et clairement vu le type de joueurs qu'ils sont sa serais du gâchis de les faire jouer comme sa. En espérant un jour avoir une vraie réponse,