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Thursday, March 14th 2019, 8:54pm

Author: Galldur

Its about bonus from charging (premium crystals)

Hello! I dont know if we r in right place! But its strange if you go to belling link of allods you can see boundle that if you charge 10k bc you will get bouns 3k premium one , I know many people got day before patch , but after patch up I mean 10. All who did it didnt get and premium level too. You can see in site there is counter of extra bonus till 1 mil and it will gone later above of site . So why who charged these days (before it gone) should get bonus 30%

Thursday, January 3rd 2019, 11:00am

Author: Galldur

Sale: Radiant Strongbox of the Jeweler and Black Friday offer! - 23/11/2018

Quoted from "Gladia" Hello, The team did not forget about the premium crystals, but you may have to be a little more patient, as they won't be sent out this week . We'll let you know if we have more information. Ye i agree that they didnt forget even on about change details of extra bc from u get extra bc same amount to maximum 3k bc , in 6 hours between details changed!!!

Wednesday, October 31st 2018, 2:33pm

Author: Galldur

Dazzling Light Chest mistake

if u dont talk none will know that so doesnt matter but ty

Friday, October 12th 2018, 6:59am

Author: Galldur

Spark levels

Quoted from "dragagon" You can reset already by paying 2 spark levels, or 1.5M gold. I don't think it will ever reset in any other way than these. huh 1.5 mil!! not 1k bc?

Friday, September 21st 2018, 3:35pm

Author: Galldur

Target of mad accusation - Rectification

you guys just mention that exploit so we can get new update asap if many use it thats mean new patch or hotfix should be fast apply in but it looks you have no idea about it!

Thursday, July 12th 2018, 12:35pm

Author: Galldur

Power for rent!

Quoted from "Hink" In the post it says 450 BC for the Shell pattern. It's 900 in the ingame boutique. One for skin and its price 900 And other for tem shell for 1 week and its price 450

Thursday, July 12th 2018, 12:34pm

Author: Galldur

Power for rent!

Quoted from "augustomunizz2015" Ok, nice, I've been waiting for this since long time.... BUUUT: where is the purple bear pattern for the Synergy Mystic Shell? Please add it: In premium lvl 8

Thursday, May 31st 2018, 12:28pm

Author: Galldur

New Collector’S Editions Added!

and try to add other options for who dont need crystal chip

Saturday, May 26th 2018, 2:16am

Author: Galldur

Core Storage Sale

no really need. just put new stuff

Thursday, August 17th 2017, 10:25am

Author: Galldur

“Creation” CE: Now Purchasable With Crystals!

when I see posts like this I feel next patch very soon

Friday, June 9th 2017, 12:23pm

Author: Galldur

Sale: Magic Mosaic - 09/06/2017

;/ add new things like for artifact we got this before

Wednesday, May 24th 2017, 10:44am

Author: Galldur

No info about the patch?

Quoted from "Kurtcobain" ....what is right is that we make news with little informations what changes will come with the next patch....but when a player writes that he needs the patchnotes he means this: attantion....these are the 8.0 notes as an example hey I have question about trial of blood if I have x5 times title for class and if i get other 5s can I have perma title?

Tuesday, May 9th 2017, 1:09pm

Author: Galldur


Quoted from "Xtagadax" Sorry to open a old post but is there any chance to get Ambroisia again ? Or will it be a core morpher Sales this friday ? no Ambroisia in server anymore! same in russian server and yes will be Morpher sale next sale, i hope so

Saturday, June 25th 2016, 1:10am

Author: Galldur


Name: HotDog Server: New Frontier Go For a Cold Swim in eljune -10 Points kill any raid boss And Dance on their Corpse- 10 Points Visit Gorluxor in his Own tower and wave at him- 10 points Complete a solo distortion- 10 Points In full class costume(Any tier) Salute your class trainer in your capital city- 10 points Give money to a beggar - 10 points Create an Epic Weapon- 10points Win a Goblinball Match- 10 points Win a Random skirmish- 10 points Create 15 Potions of the same type and quality-10...