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Tuesday, May 23rd 2017, 4:39pm

Author: thematic32

Contest: Name The Server - Winners

Very bad call.. With this method, anyone who wanted to see a name disqualificated, just had to fake vote him and gg. Meh..

Friday, November 4th 2016, 1:41pm

Author: thematic32

8.0 - Live in Russia: Patchnote (+preview 8.1)

Like Russians said.. " Welcome 7.0.3 "... Just waiting to see till when this will stay up, day after day u see mass quits on this game, cuz of this totally crap patch gg!

Tuesday, September 13th 2016, 5:22pm

Author: thematic32

Update 7.0.2: "Burning Skies" – Coming Soon!

HI... Any prediction about when we will get the 7.2 here? any estimated time.. And about merge, dunno if it mean samething, but the fact of we can face ru on BG/3v3/6v6/sunday domi.. would be enough, like how happens now between ru servers.. that would be enough, dont need to be on same server btw

Wednesday, August 31st 2016, 6:47pm

Author: thematic32

Circle Of Equals 2016 - Rankings & Round II

I really hate this patch, for sure this is the WORST patch maded on this game.. all mecanics nonsense and completly ridiculous... same as the criterion of tiebreaker on this tournament, won who did more dmg.. ppl can just win going a full def formation spaming aoe dmg, then if dont win killing some1, can win cuz survived and did more dmg.. gg

Monday, August 1st 2016, 11:06pm

Author: thematic32

7.0.1 "Unconquered Summit": Release Date!

Wich version of 7.1 we will get here? the lastest one? with all hotfixes, even the [25.05.16] ?

Tuesday, June 28th 2016, 4:38am

Author: thematic32

Task Force: Entry Submission Thread

Name: Coba Server: New Frontier [ F2P ] Completed Tasks: 1. Create an epic Plate armour piece – 10 points. 2. Give money to a beggar – 10 points. 3. Go for a cold swim in Eljune – 10 points. 4. Take part in the Kirah race or Wandering Isle race – 10 points. 5. In full class-costume (any tier), salute your class trainer in your capital city – 10 points. 6. Complete a solo Distortion – 10 points. 7. Visit Gorluxor in his own tower and wave at him – 10 points. 8. Kill any raid boss and dance on the...

Friday, April 15th 2016, 7:37pm

Author: thematic32

Grey Collor on " Play Button " after 14/04 Maintence

HI.. Ye, tried the first, chancing build info, but didnt work, and after try, when i check, the archie " main" back it to Seems like i updated, but my client didnt accepted the att. i tried the others too, already re-downloaded and reinstaled game too. The download never starts, it says that need download important things, says the number of archives ( 1953 i guess ), but never start..

Friday, April 15th 2016, 5:57pm

Author: thematic32

Grey Collor on " Play Button " after 14/04 Maintence

Hi, after the 14/04 Maintence i cant log in game.. If i try log using, i can into game, but it says game downloading important files, but even at same %, nothing download, its even at 0 B/ s, and cant even see my char, shows like that ' loading circle '. If i try log using old launchers, the " Play button " stay in grey collor, cant even start the game, on PLay button says " Connecting to update server. Please Wait ".. and never finish.. Need help urgently, thanks!

Thursday, April 14th 2016, 2:34pm

Author: thematic32

Arena of Heroes Exploiting

@Candy Our video is there dude, on youtube.. legit 142.. ahead RU, wheres yours?

Thursday, April 7th 2016, 8:08pm

Author: thematic32

AO Collector's Edition & 7.0 Release Date!

Hi.. When the Collectors Ediction will be available to buy with Blue Crystal ? Thanks.

Monday, April 6th 2015, 5:41pm

Author: thematic32

[PMB] Erwyns Psionicist guide

Very nice Erwyn! Good luck !