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Saturday, May 13th 2017, 12:08pm

Author: daldos

Name the server contest

Name: Osnehr Server: New frontier Suggested Name: Gleaming sarnaut

Thursday, February 16th 2017, 1:45pm

Author: daldos

bard build

Quoted from "Eddy" you can make 4 diff builds, support pvp, support pve, dps pve, dps pvp ... all those are pretty same but some minor changes are needed And also depend which server, f2p or p2p .. There are so muhc more than 4 builds to bard. Full support example for domi could be 3 different builds. Aswell as support dps that could be differing from pve and pvp probably up to 4 builds or more. Aswell as dps there are about 4+ builds yo ucould be using example physical dmg and natural dmg buil...

Thursday, November 24th 2016, 2:27pm

Author: daldos


Osnehr New Frontier

Saturday, October 8th 2016, 12:36am

Author: daldos

Costume contest

Osnehr-New Frontier-League

Tuesday, July 5th 2016, 8:46pm

Author: daldos

Task Force: Entry Submission Thread

NAME : Osnehr SERVER: New Frontier TASKS: Give money to a beggar - 10points Go for a cold swim in Eljune – 10 points Create an epic Plate armour piece – 10 points. In full class-costume (any tier), salute your class trainer in your capital city – 10 points. Capture a chest in the Arena of Death – 10 points. Kill any raid boss and dance on their corpse – 10 points. Visit Gorluxor in his own tower and wave at him – 10 points. Win a random skirmish – 10 points. Complete a solo Distortion – 10 point...

Saturday, April 30th 2016, 10:24am

Author: daldos

Psionicist Feedback contest//Osnehr

My thoughts on the 7.0 update. Before the update got realeased I didn't know much about it at all. I did try watch some russian videos about it to get a bit familirized with the upcoming class changes but as you might expect I didn't understand much of it. When the update was headed to our servers I got more and more excited about since the classes had been pretty much unchanged for years and the fact that we would get some changes felt just awesome. So I started of with buying the Collector's e...

Wednesday, March 30th 2016, 6:15pm

Author: daldos

AO Collector's Edition & 7.0 Release Date!

I just want to know if the lightning bolt will be purchasable for premium crystals. I know they were able to buy it on the russian server for PC but do we have the same circumstances in that case?