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Tuesday, April 9th 2019, 6:07pm

Author: Kleftis

Lost All Embrium ???

Same here. i was saving to buy the Headhunter maze defender and all it's gone.

Monday, January 2nd 2017, 4:53pm

Author: Kleftis

Wtf Are You Doing?

I can´t login, i get stuck on 82% loading character

Saturday, June 25th 2016, 12:37am

Author: Kleftis

Task Force: Community Event

Name: Lordseth server: New Frontier create an epic cloth piece: 10 points create an epic weapon: 10 points in class-costume salute your class trainer: 10 points give money to a beggar: 10 points take part in the kirah race: 10 points kill any raid boss and dance on their corpse: 10 points visit gorluxor in his own tower and wave at him: 10 points complete a solo distortion: 10 points win a random skirmish: 10 points create 15 potions of the same type quality: 10 points go for a cold swim in elju...

Sunday, July 12th 2015, 3:33pm

Author: Kleftis

Server Ping issues

My provider in Brazil is NET