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Thursday, November 14th 2019, 8:19pm

Author: banks

list of mounts

hi, is there an up to date list of all the mounts in game with the info about them any where? want to buy one but want to know more about them so i can decide which one i want to get, thanks

Monday, October 28th 2019, 8:08pm

Author: banks

Bard Stats Help

hey all ive been away from the game for a few years, just got my bard to max level and been gearing up, would like some help on what i need my stats to be at for a assault bard, i want max dps as possible, im on f2p server, i will give a list of my stats below and let me know what i need to add or lower, thanks. proficiency - 112 vitality - 185 determination - 300 brutality- 130 bloodlust- 158 critical damage- 282 double attack- 126 survivability- 153 caution-66 concentration-144 thats my stats ...

Monday, October 7th 2019, 10:00pm

Author: banks

Out of quests

hi, im level 83 (86%) but im now out of quests, is that right? surly i dont need to farm from 83 to 85? i did the quest line from coldberg ect and did all the running around, but i now have no quests left, i dont have any mail in my mail box, any ideas whats i need to do, thanks