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Saturday, May 24th 2014, 5:52am

Author: Mordhreim

new type of free server

Quoted from "Poppet" If P2P closes F2P will be right behind it And as long as the F2P server remains pay2win, the P2P server will have pretty much no chance. Why? Because people won't see past the horrid reputation this game already has. The thing is, a few rich people that keep loading thousands of dollars into the game is enough to keep it going, it won't be healthy, and raiding guilds may keep dying off one by one, but the server will drag on for some time. And any stray new player that migh...

Monday, May 12th 2014, 12:28am

Author: Mordhreim

Smugglers Paradise re-opening

What this game desperately needs is a complete rework of the cash shop model, because as long as the f2p server is pay2win the game will overall have a bad reputation no matter how good the subscription server is. f2p is what most will try out first and feel repulsed and never look back. But then again, if they redeem their f2p model and scrap the runes and purchasable talent points etc, there won't be as big a need for a subscription server. The game is indeed good, and deserves better than thi...