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Thursday, March 3rd 2016, 5:14pm

Author: Neos

To everyone considering playing here for 7.0...

Quoted from "Prison" Hey wait for real or sarcasm? Do we enjoy getting duplicate cat mounts stolen from us?

Thursday, March 3rd 2016, 2:12am

Author: Neos

Heil Void

Quoted from "Senpai" This server is looking up guys sounds cool, maybe Void should came back We are back to play with the population of 10 people to enjoy and the hard core raiding of previous level cap raids.

Tuesday, March 24th 2015, 5:13am

Author: Neos

Free Month? Best Friends!

Lowbies can hit me up for a mount in game.

Wednesday, February 25th 2015, 5:30am

Author: Neos

Void is recruiting.

Void is a returning league guild on the subscription server. We are recruiting players interested in participating in end game content, such as: Dominion, Eclipse, Mausoleum of Sparks, Astral, and hopefully Project Gates soon. Void is being brought back to life by its original core alongside its once rivals the original core of Avarice. Together we hope we can complete content and be competitive in PvP when the 6.0 gear reset hits. We currently have started clearing Ancient Mound and are startin...

Monday, December 29th 2014, 2:50pm

Author: Neos

Share your "rookie mistakes" :)

I joined allods as my first MMORPG during the 42 cap on tensess and made many really noob mistakes during that time. As soon as I reached level 10 and got my first ruby on warrior I got the spell Cruelty thinking the 300% aggro gain increased the chance to fear mobs upon hit. The reasoning behind this one was that as I hit mobs in lightwood lots of them would fear and obviously aggro scares them. To the tanks in heroics runs that I may or may not have popped cruelty every pull on I'm sorry. My b...

Thursday, March 20th 2014, 4:06pm

Author: Neos

WHERE THE HELL is everybody on P2P Server ?

I'm stuck forever dealing with Help me!

Thursday, March 20th 2014, 2:43am

Author: Neos

error saving to disc

Quoted from "duen" i've been getting it too. what version of windows are you guys running? i'm on 8.1 the download still seems to be working, although crawling along very slowly. sometimes i pause and resume it if it looks stopped lol. Running windows 8 but in compatibility mode for windows 7.

Thursday, March 20th 2014, 2:37am

Author: Neos

error saving to disc

I have been getting it also.

Tuesday, March 18th 2014, 3:37pm

Author: Neos

Addons that work with 5.0.01

Thank you for the awesome list.

Tuesday, March 18th 2014, 3:12pm

Author: Neos


I'm Neos currently a mage on smugglers paradise. I am proud to say I am one of the servers 6 people on league side!