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Tuesday, March 2nd 2021, 2:56pm


Which server to start on?

Quoted from "user_1413752" Everybody said on discord, that the p2p server is empty, that's why i started on the f2p servers. Good choice paymentserver = empty one new free server with missing items = close to empty normal free server = populated one

Friday, January 22nd 2021, 11:32pm


Clean thougts clean hands

in the stream we can clearly see the name of the quest, nice intel there i remember this quest, i had problems with it aswell on the last char i leveled and did it multiple times thats one of the quests which became troublesome because of rework of hp / attack mechanics if you are powerful enough you might kill all enemies fast enough so they cant kill the NPC

Monday, January 18th 2021, 10:11pm


Clean thougts clean hands

tell me more about that quest and i might be able to help

Sunday, January 17th 2021, 10:18pm


P2P Server

How can you tell anything about balance if there is noone to battle with? Also, why would you auction anything on a server where gold has no value as there is nothing to buy with it?

Sunday, January 10th 2021, 11:45pm


After 10 years, i have some questions.

pay to win means you can win by paying only but in allods you can also farm to gain your things plus gear matters so much more than runes if you play in a dedicated way and put some effort, you can reach top strenght without donating ever, several players including me have done this already so allods is rather PLAY to win of course if you only play casual you cant expect more than casual results in your character-development but in this case even level 13 runes wont help you

Friday, January 8th 2021, 12:25pm


Sogot quest problem

is this the quest where you are a flying demon? you can pull some groups of enemies together and then AOE them at the last group cc the one enemy and kill the other, then take care of the aoe'ed one quest is a bit tricky

Thursday, January 7th 2021, 2:14pm


Draconic Aspect

Either you get from yasker after some quest while leveling or you automatically have it at max level, they changed this a bit in the end you can equip dragon relics (dragongear)

Thursday, December 31st 2020, 7:46pm


Schrecken des Bestiariums - Testobjekt besiegt

hab vor circa einem monat schon probleme gehabt mit einer 2. spielfigur, es kamen dauernd schnecken aber sonst ist nichts passiert und man kam nicht weiter hab uns dann rausteleportiert und es sein lassen :/

Thursday, December 31st 2020, 7:43pm


Wirkt Überlebensfähigkeit auf Blutlust?

geht mir genauso deswegen bin ich seit ewig nurmehr auf PVP eingestellt mit vorsicht und ausdauer höchstens das konklave stell ich um von vorsicht auf blutlust, der rest kommt von den gildenrubinen, das langt somit bin ich "allzeit bereit" und muss mir keine gedanken mehr machen, fürs PVE ists trotzdem gut genug

Thursday, December 31st 2020, 7:39pm


Difference between allods client and steam version?

question is how many gibberlings are in a family and answer = 3

Thursday, December 31st 2020, 7:37pm


schmied - woher meteoritentrittbleche und metorietennieten?

in irene ist ebenfalls ein händer der eine "Kleine kiste des handwerks" verkauft, da sollte sowas drinnen sein

Monday, December 28th 2020, 8:38pm


Old Trinkets

wasnt there one item where you can throw an enemy away? like push him from a cliff?

Monday, December 28th 2020, 3:27pm


Wirkt Überlebensfähigkeit auf Blutlust?

war noch nie so und ist auch weiterhin nicht so eigentlich schade, blutlust ist ja auch heilung

Monday, December 28th 2020, 3:07pm


Just Subscribed Not Sure I made the right decision

honest opinion from a veteran: you wasted your money on a dead server. better buy a lootpet on free server and play there, you can farm everything over time anyway also dont play on the "new" server because it will likely be dead aswell within little time and get merged to the normal one (as the last "new" server)

Wednesday, December 23rd 2020, 7:18pm



mich würd ja mehr interessieren eine experimentelle controllersteuerung zu testen

Wednesday, December 23rd 2020, 7:16pm


Largest Fundamental Game Issue

Quoted from "Xonaz" Look Goblin Ball made Allods the game it is. lolwut? goblinball is a gimmick for those who like it but lots of players do not enjoy this it is totally optional

Sunday, December 13th 2020, 4:33am


[PMB 11.1] Paladin - Aufseher - PVP / Spielertötung ("Playerkill")

[PMB 11.1] Paladin - Aufseher - PVP / Spielertötung ("Playerkill") Abbildung: Titelbild Liebe Mitspieler, mein Charakter heisst "Aufseher", ist Kommandant und Gildenführer der Gilde "Nezebgrad" und wirkt als orkischer Plünderer. Ich spiele seit ~9 Jahren auf dem kostenfreien Server "Evolution" (=Free to play); einigen bin ich vielleicht noch als enthusiastischen Forumsteilnehmer und Verfasser vergangener Ratgeber im Gedächtnis. Dank einer unendlichen Statuspunkt- und Talentverteilung (vormals "B...

Friday, December 11th 2020, 2:21am



nachdem gerade die neue minisaison angefangen hat ein guter zeitpunkt zum einsteigen spiel macht nach wie vor viel freude, ist lebendig wie eh und je normaler server: schlachtfed geht zu normalen zeiten (also ab nachmittag bis in die nacht hinein) alle paar minuten oder sofortig auf, im weltchat gibt es reges treiben (+ handeln!) und die auktionen sind ebenfalls reichlich vorhanden; openworld PVP im königreich der elemente und teils sogar in al rihat ist immer wieder gegeben - was will man mehr ...

Thursday, November 19th 2020, 12:54pm


Warr troll in allods

open world pvp happens in kingdom of elements and you can also visit the enemy capital city which is the ultimate openworld pvp experience Quoted from "Dragagon_ru" f2p - which is bleeding dry of population. far from dry... free server has a decent population with battleground continously popping, players selling stuff in worldchat, lots of auctions and so on

Tuesday, November 17th 2020, 8:58pm


Returning After 2 Years, Questions About Changes

soon yellow gear ("miniseason"), good entry point for new players