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Saturday, February 11th 2017, 2:22am

Author: cromoss

guild prestige for leveling and loyalty

basicaly, does the amount of loyalty define how much prestige you get for leveling and is it influenced by tabards, or is the amount set for each level. ty in advance

Saturday, June 20th 2015, 1:15am

Author: cromoss

Discussion of Patch Notes Thread

umm, i believe the "thank you" you got in mail? means they responded to your ticket. check your actual ticket.

Wednesday, May 6th 2015, 2:33pm

Author: cromoss



Thursday, April 17th 2014, 5:33pm

Author: cromoss


you want balance? when there are more league 60's in asee eljune and coba than there are mobs in whole allods combined? you are crying how poor and pathetic you are while 90% of 60's from every guild on league side is pvping lvls 23 29 and 33? balance you say? get real

Sunday, April 6th 2014, 7:44pm

Author: cromoss

hey riddle diddle

after praising 5 gods, you can enter in that cave, but you cant finish the quest since semyon or w/e his name is, keeps attacking you. happened right after i took quest, tried tp to yt, got logged out by already known bug, logged in; didnt have quest but had item in bag(i didnt drop quest i just didnt have it anymore), so i retake quest and that keeps happening ever since.