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Monday, November 12th 2018, 12:04am

Author: shinra23

How to send a support ticket related to payment issues

Hi, Sorry for the late reply, @zatumaru and I where having issues adding crystals to our accounts, support told us to check with our respective banks (we had already done that), so no action on the report was taken, but a couple days later we were able to add crystals. So, for now, issue solved (lets see next month).

Thursday, October 25th 2018, 5:07pm

Author: shinra23

Just Out of Curiosity, Is the P2P Server Really That Dead?

Quoted from "daevinil" i think tashuna is the most hated for her way to be unpolite and inappropriate, but let's hope this new drop of prices will let empire join many other players, i mean: NO OTHER GAME with this kind of content ask for 3€ for 6 months of play. finally they did some real finacial drop for the requirements 3€ for 6 months? where can I find this?

Monday, October 8th 2018, 7:23pm

Author: shinra23

How do your gear up on 9.0

I play on P2P on empire side (pretty empty but still few people around). And as for my stats I followed this…0972#post110972 (I think you @dragagon posted that on the paladin section). Last night I did some re-adjustments, and now I can kill mobs, not with ease but I manage to kill them. Also last night I went to Al Rihat to look for those chest you told me about, and I did get some legendary gear. luckily there were no League player on the map, I guess t...

Sunday, October 7th 2018, 9:32pm

Author: shinra23

How do your gear up on 9.0

Hi all, I just go back into de game, just hit 80 yesterday, and i'm having troubles understanding how do you get better gear. I currently have a epic (purple) set that was given to me when i reached 80. However, i'm not sure how do you upgrade that equipment, or should it be upgraded or replaced? Looking at Anvil of Artifacts I see only options to create new gear of the next quality, and just armor at that I don't see weapons. Also I saw that you can buy equipment in Al Rihat, however I've troub...

Monday, December 29th 2014, 5:46am

Author: shinra23

[P2P] state

Quoted from "Lamka" Enjoyed some pvp in KOE with me and Kutuzov vs members on Utopie Mac (pally) and a scout tho the scout was in green gear the pally was well geared. Nice guys had fun Yes it was fun! even I suck at pvp, but that's how you learn! Let's have more fun next time!

Sunday, December 14th 2014, 2:04am

Author: shinra23

Utopie is recruiting (Updated)

Quoted from "Mysterious" nice try,but u dont respect other opinions ... just few of them act like u said That is guild with fixed pt's..Guild where leader doing whatever he want,and w/e he like... And seems only French players are welcome there But GL anyway I'm not sure what do you mean, well I'm relatively new to Smugglers Paradise anyway, I'm from Costa Rica and so far I feel good among them, they're a awesome community, even with all different languages and time zone difference we've manage...