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Today, 2:00am

Author: Dragagon

Complete up-to-date F2P Vs P2P difference reference

Quoted from "ALLODS-ONLINE-PLAYER" Quoted from "Drelkag" Is there anything the P2P server is missing? They both get the same content? storywise, content is the same coremechanics aswell gameplaywise there are missing things runes above level 5, paronage lv5, combatmounts, perma free respec, rubies, statpoints, talentpoints, conclave(?), carnifex, and so on are missing (list above is pretty complete, some things are missing) some things have been added meanwhile like material-looting which is ve...

Thursday, May 6th 2021, 2:54pm

Author: Dragagon

Le serveur à abonnement est vivant !!

Quoted from "Zodrev" Bonjour, Suite à un instant nostalgie je pense rejouer à Allods, néanmoins ayant souvenir que le cashshop était présent à outrance sur le F2P je pense plutôt me tourner vers le serveur P2P mais celui-ci est-il toujours actif ? Je vous remercie Very active!!

Thursday, May 6th 2021, 12:33am

Author: Dragagon

Please, Bard Build!!

The build was slightly outdated indeed, including alloder doesn't seem to care to update EU builds. SO I made the new build on the ru page, which is the same layout now anyways. I believe I only used 66 rubies, p2p has 73 and f2p has more, so it shows it's gotten very easy to make builds now, can easily grab all you want, unsure what else I would take for a dps. The build here Let me know what you think!

Monday, May 3rd 2021, 9:45am

Author: Dragagon

Please, Bard Build!!

Quoted from "danielzntrt" Hey, dragagon, could you share rotations too?, the build seems to still be working but i'm lost at the amount of abilities it has. This is my first time trying bards Also, does it have aoe abilities?, i didn't notice that. Thanks. Hi! Not sure where I replied on this thread, but sure What build did you take? I see different builds posted. Unsure if you took PvE Supp or DPS, or PvP Supp? Let me know, could perhaps make a more up to date build. 2019 is a long way back

Sunday, May 2nd 2021, 11:20am

Author: Dragagon

The revival of Allods Online in 2021!

Hii to all you active forum warriors and to all the shadowy lurkers! Doing a giveaway for Allods Online P2P FREE SUBSCRIPTION FOR A MONTH TRY-OUT! Wotchu got to lose, subscription fee? NAH! Make sure to watch it fully, help me out and I help you out! :heart: Sharing is the message, sharing & playing! Watch it all here

Thursday, April 29th 2021, 4:28pm

Author: Dragagon

The Blood Tournament 2021

See you guys on the tournament server Enjoy the costumes!

Saturday, April 24th 2021, 1:10pm

Author: Dragagon

Recherche guilde française

Quoted from "Cybermaman-Cotepsi" on which faction are you League side: in the less active you have my guild Lumina after I see at the moment messages of recretument to Novograd for the guild "independence" and another guild that posts regularly ... Empire rating I'm not informed the time to log in in my signature you have invitations for discord knowing that the EU discord is calling to disappear He asked about p2p, and it's posted in p2p.

Friday, April 16th 2021, 12:55am

Author: Dragagon

Can't subscribe

Quoted from "rinarunine" Then I read online somewhere that I had to manually top up and that the crystal packs didn't count. Weird, but sure, I'm an idiot, take my money twice. I believe this refers to premium crystals, the purple kind? they won't accept that for p2p subscription. Quoted from "rinarunine" Decided to go to the Help section and I for the love of all that's holy can't open a support ticket for this game try finding this for a ticket. Quoted from "rinarunine" Which side is more pop...

Thursday, April 15th 2021, 8:03pm

Author: Dragagon

Nouveau site/Forum en ligne

Thank you, goodluck to you

Thursday, April 15th 2021, 7:02pm

Author: Dragagon

Guild recruitment on P2P EU!

Avarice needs your help! We're an international global guild that recruits all kinds of languages, respects one another and speaks english as a main language so everyone gets to understand eachother. Lately P2P has been getting a boost in population - but as it usually goes on EU P2P, it's mostly german and french people that somehow fail to speak a general global language, which ends up in heated discussions for guild chat language, and snowballs into new guilds with only the native language s...

Wednesday, April 14th 2021, 11:02pm

Author: Dragagon

quid pro quo - suslanger

Have you checked for her in Suslanger? Got a screenshot of the quest?

Monday, April 12th 2021, 1:11am

Author: Dragagon

How is the community of the game?

Quoted from "ALLODS-ONLINE-PLAYER" but generally speaking its empty with no battleground popping This needs to stop. Seriously dude you don't play on p2p, stop talking trash or missinforming. BG's pop very often. F2p is dying, it has no welcoming atmosphere with all the CS for new players. Accept it, suck it up, live with it. P2P is alive and well, BG's pop, turkish players are very much present, most in Empire currently. For accurate info on p2p, hit us on the p2p discord in my signature. This...

Saturday, April 10th 2021, 11:33pm

Author: Dragagon

Unavailable Items

In the wardrobe I am assuming? I would do suggestions on the ru forum. EU forum ideas are not forwarded to the ru team.

Saturday, April 10th 2021, 3:57am

Author: Dragagon

Uniting EU and RU Discord communities!

Definitely an improvement! Goodjob allods team!

Thursday, April 8th 2021, 1:58pm

Author: Dragagon

Showing p2p alive

Hey guys! incase you were doubting wether to replay Allods Online but were scared from p2p due to population.. THE DAREDEVILS made the foundation! We can safely say that P2P is alive and doing well with an awesome 12v12 dominion raid on the weekly Wednesdays. You can ask all your p2p questions in our p2p dedicated discord here! We're all eager to help you out from the get-go. If you wonder what the difference even is between f2p and p2p, you can find all of that here! And if you wanted to see w...

Wednesday, April 7th 2021, 2:00pm

Author: Dragagon

P2P'e Baslamayi Dusunenler Okusun!

Quoted from "RhyaosTR" What's the latest on the server? Is it sufficient in number of active players now? I'm thinking of going back, but is there enough mass to shoot BGs or something? I believe my eu p2p server streams will give you a good idea on this

Wednesday, April 7th 2021, 1:58pm

Author: Dragagon

P2P'e Baslamayi Dusunenler Okusun!

Incase interested, here's a thread comparing f2p v p2p perks

Tuesday, April 6th 2021, 11:22am

Author: Dragagon

Druid PvE DPS (looking for up to date build)

I checked my PMB from back then and it still seems valid. The rotation hasn't changed, how abilities work either and rubies aside of healing, neither. I would add that druid is no longer a good pve dps class All classes get their turn I suppose.

Monday, April 5th 2021, 12:04am

Author: Dragagon

Which server to start on?

Quoted from "ALLODS-ONLINE-PLAYER" would love some "reflection of asee teph" for maxlevel players, as an addition to kingdom of elements A battleground where at the beginning, you pick your class, being given a lv28 character with rep gear - BUT RANDOM. Another player gets a lv26 with WB gear, another player gets a lv27 char with other gear. Just random and hoping luck's on your side for getting a good char. In the asee map.

Sunday, April 4th 2021, 11:51pm

Author: Dragagon

Update 12 population

Quoted from "user_181858284" Playing on F2P between 5pm and 7am CET for several hours each day, which I have been doing through the last couple of major updates. Maybe I'm wrong but it just seems like fewer people recently. Since I bought the collectors edition for 12.0 I also created a free account on P2P just to check it out. I was curious to see if empire was as underpopulated as I heard. Created a toon and spent a few hours in Nezeb. Not another player anywhere and only 10 pages total in th...