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Tuesday, April 7th 2020, 9:07pm

Author: Omisis

How to use Amalgam(Item upgrading)?

I am very noob for endgame. I am level 87 now, quests give me amalgam, unsteady matter etc. But not guiding me where I may use them.

Wednesday, August 5th 2015, 12:11pm

Author: Omisis

Help with Astral guide?

Quoted from "Auther_Pendragon" To start you will only have access to sectors 1-7. More will unlock as you either complete allods or farm in Wellbell(and it's higher grade areas). Each time you land on an allod you will lose 1 key. Normally you will only be able to go to 8 allods per week. When the weekly reset happens 8 keys will be added to your key count. You can hold a max of 12 keys and any overflow will become surreal. If the weekly restock doesn't max out your keys and you have surreal ke...

Wednesday, August 5th 2015, 12:06pm

Author: Omisis

Where is Squawkling? [Irdrich - Tiny Swallow quest]

I've kiled 20 creatures and taken their meat but I can't find a Squawkling. Where is it exactly?

Saturday, August 1st 2015, 8:26pm

Author: Omisis

How to get Transforming Crystals "X" Generation

Yes guys, that is the question. How to get them. I need them to upgrade my ship hulls or other things.