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Monday, March 19th 2018, 1:40am

Author: Chudster

Happy Birthday, Allods! (2018)

Thank you My.Com for picking up Allods after Webzen dropped it! This game is very fun and I wish that people knew about the new things that have been added to reduce the play to win struggle. Subscription is only $10 a month! Very reasonable! I know that the game is dying, but... I hope players come back. My.Com, maybe try advertising more? Or a referral program? -Happy Birthday!

Thursday, March 15th 2018, 6:42am

Author: Chudster

Does Allods need a major change?

I'm asking this question to get a feel of the current attitudes towards Allods. Does anyone think that the game is fine or needs a major overhaul --specifically to bring players back?

Thursday, March 15th 2018, 6:34am

Author: Chudster

Worth coming to p2p?

Allods is left only with it's major fans. ^ This is good. You all have good attitudes. Don't let Allods die!

Sunday, October 18th 2015, 10:36pm

Author: Chudster

Playerbase & ways to drive them back

Allods will shutdown in 2 maybe 3 years max.