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Friday, May 25th 2018, 12:36pm

Author: Tirraqoax

The Game Needs More Players

Too bad the game keeps chasing them away

Friday, May 11th 2018, 10:25am

Author: Tirraqoax

DPS/GS question

Difference between warrior and psi (and some more classes) in dps compared to rest can be a pretty big deal. But then again, there are A LOT of players out there that have either a) isssues with their build b) their rotation and c) their stats. Also noteworthy is the fact that while someone got runes, they might not have as much CS. Stats, rubies etc make a huge difference in damage. The GS in any of these scenarios wouldn't matter much at all if you didn't know how to play properly or had very ...

Wednesday, May 9th 2018, 9:11pm

Author: Tirraqoax

[Feedback]Gear Progress - (ex Unlocking the Epic Sector !)

Quoted from "Rayofsshadow" Quoted from "Penance" Ta det lungt nu grabbar, det är långhelg!

Wednesday, May 9th 2018, 5:12pm

Author: Tirraqoax

[Feedback]Gear Progress - (ex Unlocking the Epic Sector !)

On the other hand it is absolutely miserable to hardly get any items from the loot from chests. Maybe like one item from 40 keys? The gear crafting that was introduced just isn't good enough to cover that.

Thursday, April 19th 2018, 4:41pm

Author: Tirraqoax

How get the warlord title ?

You get a point for logging in each week. You can check this by typing /rank in chat.

Tuesday, April 3rd 2018, 7:51pm

Author: Tirraqoax

Enquiry (Question about Shaman's pet and Aoidois)

You can change the druid/shaman pet in the Hall of Changes in the main capital. The aoidoi character is obtainable at lvl 80 as a reincarnation.

Wednesday, March 7th 2018, 2:51pm

Author: Tirraqoax

Endgame content questions.

Currently nugget farming isn't worth it unless you got really good ship, and I wouldn't recommend gearing one up for a new player. You would also need to be more than 1 person to farm. Since going to astral allod uses double keys it's much faster anyway.

Monday, March 5th 2018, 12:56am

Author: Tirraqoax

Low attack damage

Provide more info as to build and rotation? Did you forget aspect?

Sunday, March 4th 2018, 7:34pm

Author: Tirraqoax

Please help with healer build + general advice

Really go on dps build until greatness. Difficult to kill anything on heals.

Sunday, February 25th 2018, 3:36pm

Author: Tirraqoax

[Feedback]Gifts for new players

While I like that new players get free items it is, and I'm sorry, a giant eff you to the old players. (New players reading this: I am really glad for you, truly! This is a complaint to the game management, not you.) Quoted from "Sasser92" The thing about it brings definitely new players to the game. for example my friends never wanted play allods because the lack of we have a lot of fun It's a good way for allods..its a little bit late for this but better than nothing This is great! ...

Wednesday, February 21st 2018, 3:03pm

Author: Tirraqoax

Jewels missing from the purchase

If you don't pay back your loan, you will have debt collectors coming for your cash shop items (joke ofc!)

Monday, January 29th 2018, 5:52pm

Author: Tirraqoax

Compensation issued

Quoted from "Mapz" So, after seeing this i find myself wondering if the management is thinking about how to compensate people who did NOT get banned, but got screwed up due to the lack of population caused by the massive ban wave (no chance of raiding and general difficulty in every party related activity such as dominion or astral). Now, people who got banned are going to get a 3000 premium crystals compensation, which is ridicolous to the point i've seen people in game asking to "get banned a...

Thursday, June 29th 2017, 1:52pm

Author: Tirraqoax

Swimsuit contest?

Maybe next year, fav event, maybe next.

Tuesday, June 6th 2017, 9:50pm

Author: Tirraqoax

Garter-Belts of Elves gone?

Quoted from "Gwiniel" Thanks for sharing I started playing allods in summer 2010 so I suppose it was changed before that as the video is from February 2010. I wonder why... it wasn't really worse than the elven undies what comes to sexiness and exposed skin. Yeah, same. Never realized they had that black underwear before. Picture I linked previously in the thread is how it looked back when I joined too. So must have been around the same time.

Tuesday, May 23rd 2017, 1:47pm

Author: Tirraqoax

Contest: Name The Server - Winners

Quoted from "vingador777" wait what? Agreed.

Friday, May 19th 2017, 10:29pm

Author: Tirraqoax

Name the Server - The Finalists

Twilight Dawn makes no sense, unless someone is reading Twilight at dawn. Best one there is Forgotten Lands.

Wednesday, April 5th 2017, 12:30pm

Author: Tirraqoax

Lobster Shell

Quoted from "Xrade19" Noah, you got 9 billion gold? Or good with the photoshop? Lol, I know for a fact you can only have 99.9 million gold. GG photoshop!

Wednesday, March 22nd 2017, 1:52pm

Author: Tirraqoax

Comparing Runes with Others

Edited comment @user_1129018

Wednesday, March 22nd 2017, 1:18pm

Author: Tirraqoax

Comparing Runes with Others

Very cool idea, but you are missing the patronage level's affect on the damage difference. Ie, you need to add 250% to the rune level % for calculating. Edit: Nvm, checked in game. Seems they changed this, it used to be like how I wrote. Seems it's been changed now, but when they did it idk. So every level of rune is 10% increase after full set of +1 level of runes now. That's pretty OP if it's true...

Tuesday, January 17th 2017, 5:13pm

Author: Tirraqoax

New raid?

Don't be silly. Why give parts if raid isn't open to everyone anyway (ie implemented to the game). Yes, I get that it delays gearing, but you're in no way falling behind.