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Friday, November 23rd 2018, 2:43pm

Author: u_10979440

Profession Materials

I was already opened one topic with this porblem, but developers call this "game mechanic". XD

Tuesday, October 30th 2018, 3:16pm

Author: u_10979440

Premium account

This game is developed by money digger company, they just want profit and from support they dont give us back nothing. (i mean a lot of player pay hughe amount of money and developers give us nothing through patches) They will never change this unfair budget system so the best thing you can do not pay and try to enjoy game.

Wednesday, October 24th 2018, 9:19am

Author: u_10979440


Hi everyone! I was read on offical russian site, they will remove the base rolls(like in GW2?)? I mean in 10.0 they remove healer roll, and all class will have surv abilities. I hope this will not happen...

Wednesday, September 26th 2018, 10:27am

Author: u_10979440

Gold making

Topic is not outdated, a lot of players curious about methods of gold making.

Saturday, September 22nd 2018, 10:43pm

Author: u_10979440

Gold making

Yes, if i good remember 1200 thing one symbol of gold. If you call that classic mob farming then maybe this is not game for me or i never played WoW or similar mmorpgs. XD

Thursday, September 7th 2017, 12:02am

Author: u_10979440

need class informations

Hi everyone! My question is, which class perfrom well in mob farming.(single target and aoe separately) I have heard many times all calsses are balanced and etc... but i already leveled meele healer and not really impressive in single target and in aoe even worse. I tried paladin too, much better (in single target very good, but in aoe i was hope better). I'd appreciate if one experienced player explain more which class perfrom good in pve single target and separately in pve aoe damage. I didn't...

Saturday, May 27th 2017, 10:08pm

Author: u_10979440

Leveling class

Hi everyone! I just searching informations about classes, but i didn't find nothing. My question is, which class is good for leveling. I mean which class demand minimum "brain" to leveling up. (in 8.0) I just dont wanna be dying while leveling, and good clear speed woud be good. (maybe high burst in late game)