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Friday, August 11th 2017, 1:38pm

Author: ovaretos

Coming back to game (PvP Artist)

What, what?? Avozinho are you still here?

Friday, November 4th 2016, 9:12am

Author: ovaretos

8.0 - Live in Russia: Patchnote (+preview 8.1)

I haven't responded to a thread here in some time but i have something important to say: It reminds me Greek Mythology

Monday, June 6th 2016, 11:55am

Author: ovaretos

Confused 7.0 for MH

Check Liavelle's guide. Contains info for most builds:…d&threadID=7299

Monday, June 6th 2016, 10:44am

Author: ovaretos

My friend and I might try the game, any suggestions?

Bards can be either a pure dps or a support-dps that gives party buffs for pvp/pve, not as much direct healing though.

Monday, June 6th 2016, 7:45am

Author: ovaretos

My friend and I might try the game, any suggestions?

Hello, there are many 'support' classes in Allods, and most classes have a support aspect, however 'support' does not always mean they can be good offhealers, it can be related to cc or buffs etc. What you have described seems to fit the druid class. Druids have pets, can be dps, offheal and full healers. Summoners also have pets and are very good dps and offheals, and are very strong. I haven't seen many summoners going full heal, but i think that is possible too. F2P server is the most populat...

Thursday, June 2nd 2016, 8:41am

Author: ovaretos

7.0 Glitchys Gearing Guide

We... missed ... you ... kaah...

Wednesday, June 1st 2016, 1:38pm

Author: ovaretos

List of weakened items from shop...

I will respond to this just in case a new player that reaches lvl 70 might thing this is a good idea: "so brutality and determination are better right now you think? considerin the other stats (not distributable) they are not determination needs to be build up (and kept at high %) and brutality starts being effective at 50, but in pvp once an enemy is at 50% its dead anyway as we see in battlegrounds every day so proiciency is what is left" Ok, putting your offensive stats mostly to proficiency ...

Friday, May 20th 2016, 12:07pm

Author: ovaretos

RE: How is this Caster healer build?

Quoted from "Hilver" Hello, My reincarnation is a healer and I really prefer to go for caster healer for PVE DPS. I made a pure PVE DPS caster healer build but I am not sure of some of my choices and would appreciate if someone would help me to improve it or give me feedback on how good/bad it is. For example: Are religious zeal rubies and stamina rubies worth it?Or would it be better if I get DPS rubies like Holy Rapture,Prism of wrath or Glowing Ray instead? This is the build: http://www.allo...

Thursday, May 12th 2016, 10:22am

Author: ovaretos

7.0 "New Order": Feedback Contest

Hello, Aflektos here, i am an old player myself and have played this game on/off for almost 5 years. I was away from the game for approximately 8 months and came back to check the state of the game and possibly come back. So far i am satisfied with almost all the changes, found a good guild, i see the community is at a better state than it was for years and decided to keep playing. So for this patch... It is probably the best patch Allods even had and the main reason it that it addressed probabl...

Thursday, April 28th 2016, 9:49am

Author: ovaretos

Bunch of questions from a new 7.0 player

You can do even top group content on both factions, so this shouldn't be an issue. Take into account that the stronger a guild the harder it will be to be in the groups(s) that compete for these the top spots;p Pick the faction you like. About the summoner: from the little testing i have done, a lot of healing abilities are there. People in the previous patch were saying that summoner was weaker than the priest in solo healing but my opinion was the opposite, so ... In any case i think the summo...

Thursday, April 28th 2016, 9:12am

Author: ovaretos

Friend list still dont work

I have the same problem. FL hasn't work for me once yet in this new patch, no matter how many times i restart. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this? Something that you tried and work, besides restarting? I will try full uninstall of all software if nothing else is there, and try again, but i hope there is another way.

Monday, April 25th 2016, 1:33pm

Author: ovaretos


It used to be a classic battleground;p

Monday, April 25th 2016, 1:31pm

Author: ovaretos

Question about buying from the Boutique?

Hi, i think i understand the second question: Well, after buying crystals, you can: a) use them directly in the boutique (Y) to buy the items available there or b) convert them to in game gold via the exchange. That way you can buy items from other players, whether they are boutique items or other game items. Note that not all items, or 'currencies' in your (I) tab are directly buyable in any way. You need to earn some of those through in game activities as they are bound to either a) your chara...

Monday, April 18th 2016, 2:10pm

Author: ovaretos

Healer to tank ratio question

Hi, if your choice is between healer and tank, and you only want to know the ratio: There are already many of both classes, but healers are too many. I would suggest going for a tank class, like Paladin, since it's the class that is always valid as a tank. Note however that it can be boring to level up a Paladin:p

Wednesday, April 1st 2015, 1:06am

Author: ovaretos

Pay 2 win?

OK some thinks i can say for sure: A) This game has items that increase your attributes, that you spend currency to get (obtainable with $). B) You can always exchange gold for that currency though, and v.v. C) People that pay (a lot) are usually stronger. That is because of the boutique advantages but ALSO because these people usually play more and have more experiences (+ groups of strong people are formed etc etc) D) NOT ALL people that pay (tons even) are strong, it is (class/skill/build)>ge...

Thursday, February 19th 2015, 12:48am

Author: ovaretos

Faction change?

Just never ever bring that thing back. Might as well close server if you do.

Wednesday, February 11th 2015, 3:39pm

Author: ovaretos

Question about fire frost build

Yes jolt works, even in ice/fire builds. must take

Wednesday, February 11th 2015, 2:50pm

Author: ovaretos

Help Needed

There is a ton to talk about summoner and your build so it doesn't make much sence to say everything here. Since you are new it's better that you play a build that is good for leveling up. Keep in mind that low lvl builds wont work in end game optimally and v.v. I would suggest, working on the build you posted, to use Hellion instead of lurker and add some aegis rubies on the 3rd tier. 1-2 at least of each set to test what you need. Unless you are experienced in the game and have some good bouti...

Saturday, January 31st 2015, 8:49pm

Author: ovaretos

Summy or Healer?

Quoted from "reeah19" pvp is more fun as summy, cuz u can run bwahahahaha exactly, works even with low gear and runes