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Wednesday, February 7th 2018, 10:26pm

Author: Lioo

Forum Auto Save Script

Weeell... Tbh the cost-benefit-ratio would be totally unbalanced (meaning: it would be way to expensive to develop such feature by the Allods Team in relation to the benefit). I can almost guarantee, that this kind of feature won't be developed for this forum. (Except of course, if it is implemented in BurningBoard's latest Forum Software aaand this Forum's software would be updated to that version). I could develop a Chrome / Firefox add-on for that matter, but I guess the method AOP described ...

Sunday, February 4th 2018, 2:39pm

Author: Lioo

0fps when you die or get ressed

Try to disable all Add-Ons, then try to die again and see if it still freezes. Also, since when does it happen? Already before the 2 days maintenance? or after? It is possible that the server needs up to 6 seconds to finally answer to the death / resurrection event.

Sunday, January 28th 2018, 10:30pm

Author: Lioo

false alarm


Wednesday, January 24th 2018, 9:47pm

Author: Lioo

account being banned

Quoted from "metallix6" I see mods going around deleting posts, but I don't see them responding to the problem of so many people being banned without reason... FYI a great deal of the Moderator Team got banned as well, all we can do is to wait for new information, since we can't do a thing directly... (A moderator is a moderator, not a game master or anything like this, all we can do is forward and pass information, which we don't have at this point in time, except, that you should open a ticke...

Tuesday, January 23rd 2018, 4:26pm

Author: Lioo

Disable on startup

To disable autostart of the MyCom Launcer, simply uncheck "Start automatically when you log into Windows" If this doesn't work, disable autostart of the MyCom Launcher in the Windows Taskmanager

Thursday, January 18th 2018, 6:19pm

Author: Lioo

Hello anyone seen this ?

Yes, I have seen this before, I happen to notice this kind of bug every time I leveled up my Premium Level. So, what's your current Premium Level (if I may ask)?, just wanna check if there's a possible correlation.

Wednesday, January 10th 2018, 4:40pm

Author: Lioo

New raid idea

Oh well, idea sounds nice, but it's a bit all over the place. But first things first, I guess 24 or even 48 ppl in one raid is a bit too much considering the current server population. 12 or even 6 ppl per group would be better. also, I don't see the need that is has to be strictly league against empire, it could also be empire against empire or league against league as well (just like skirmishes, increases the change, that it might actually open). I also think, that you are mixing too many diff...

Monday, January 1st 2018, 12:28am

Author: Lioo

How I reset my Aoidos reincarnation?

Quoted Friends, if I put incarnation pro maximum lvl, do I get another jar aoidos?? Sorry, you get exactly ONE Aoidos Spark. (not a single more) It gets consumed after you create your Aoidos Incarnation. Then your one and only Aoidos Spark is gone for good (forever). The only other options to get an Aoidos Incarnations are already pointed out in above posts. Sorry, but that is just how it is.

Sunday, December 17th 2017, 8:41pm

Author: Lioo = Malware

Hey, this is most likely a 'false positive', this happens sometimes. Rest assured, there won't be any malware inside the launcher nor Allods Online nor any other / Games. Thanks for submitting a ticket, the team will look into it.

Thursday, December 7th 2017, 5:01pm

Author: Lioo


Moin, klar doch, ich für meinem Teil spiele aktiv auf dem New Frontier Server (Empire) Du findest mich unter den gleichen Namen wie hier im Forum (Lioo). Hier findest du eine Liste mit allen Team-Mitgliedern:…d&threadID=3995 klick einfach auf den Namen und du landest auf deren Profil-Seite, von dort kannst du dann eine Private Nachricht an den CM / MOD schreiben.

Friday, November 10th 2017, 7:10pm

Author: Lioo

Greetings from the new team

Greetings, and welcome

Sunday, July 16th 2017, 5:30pm

Author: Lioo

Inka keine Exp....

Quoted Wäre noch interessant bis wann man den Buff jetzt hat, zu meiner Zeit hatte man den nur bis lvl45. Du behältst den Inka (De)Buff bis zum erreichen vom Max-Level.

Wednesday, March 22nd 2017, 5:21pm

Author: Lioo

Allods Online «Сотворение» Update 8.1 Trailer [RU]

Quoted from "stevenmdr" -players which have all reincarnations now recieve the option to create a reincarnation on the other faction Fake Oo ?? Well, everything he just listed was just his Quoted from "ALLODS-ONLINE-PLAYER" wishful thinking... ,-)

Sunday, February 12th 2017, 7:13pm

Author: Lioo

Is ignore account based?

The ignore function is character based. I understand your point, but I don't see a change to this in (near) future tho.

Tuesday, January 31st 2017, 5:46pm

Author: Lioo


Hallo, das hört sich nach einem Fall für den Customer Support an: Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass sich das Problem generell nach den Wartungsarbeiten selbst beheben wird, da beim Server Neustart sämtliche Gruppen etc. aufgelöst werden. Dennoch, schreib den CS an, dammit dein Problem sich eventuell etwas schneller behebt. Nur 'ne Frage, hast du bereits versucht dich für 10min oder länger auszuloggen? Da sich Gruppen Konstellationen auch auflösen, w...

Wednesday, January 4th 2017, 9:53pm

Author: Lioo

function: Auto discard cursed items

Hello, I don't think this would be a good function, basically, just imagine you enabled it and forgot to disable it once you got into the higher sectors.. Then all your higher, yet cursed, gear would be trashed. And yes I purify them, if I can gain some Gear Score with it Quoted what i do mind is the gray items, auto sell gray items addon is broken Yes, this is because with the update 5.0 Add-ons are no longer allowed to delete or buy items.

Saturday, December 31st 2016, 12:45am

Author: Lioo

Day 4

Sad to hear, that you got your crystals that late. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. You can still purchase Strongboxes in the Action House from other players.

Saturday, December 31st 2016, 12:39am

Author: Lioo

Bought the Collectors edition. got nothing.

Hello, glad to hear, that you got your Collector's Edition after all