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Friday, July 27th 2018, 6:52am

Author: Matitmpl

Warrior dps build in 9.1

Hi, I've created a build for my dps warrior, it looks like this$vghs3j00pg80o0617oq143o7sljr260s80u0s080020c080020chp0u303000000::13yby9 but I think I could mess up with it a little bit. Tell me please if my build is ok and tell me what should I change to make it more effective. Thanks

Tuesday, May 16th 2017, 8:24pm

Author: Matitmpl

Name The New Server Contest - Entry Thread

Name: [Matitmpl] Server: [New Frontier] Suggested Name: [Revelations] [War of Gods] [Hunger Games]

Wednesday, April 19th 2017, 4:13pm

Author: Matitmpl

8.0 Warrior nice tank build is needed

Hi, I'm looking for a nice tank build for warrior, pls I'd be really thankful if you help me