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Friday, May 26th 2017, 10:13pm

Author: Smirlak

8.1 Ice PvE + PvP build

Please don't suggest that build for pvp, you will get wrecked...

Friday, May 26th 2017, 10:09pm

Author: Smirlak

mage pve builds

One of those is close!

Friday, May 26th 2017, 10:04pm

Author: Smirlak

Cant enlarge bag sometimes

Opening the boutique and closing it will fix the issue.

Thursday, February 23rd 2017, 6:54pm

Author: Smirlak

Hello, back to allods.

I left at end of 55 patch and came back at 7.0 (level 70 patch) - if you already had most of the CS stuff when you quit - good news, you're not very behind. They haven't added too many new items (conclave, assault shell, some changes to existing strongboxes), the most you will be missing is the temporary bonus items that last around 180d. If you browse the forum, there's a list of all the CS items available. Levelling is beyond easy.

Saturday, January 21st 2017, 5:35pm

Author: Smirlak

11 days and no crystals

Happened to me again too - just gonna stop topping up.

Sunday, January 8th 2017, 4:30pm

Author: Smirlak

What happend to tools?

Quoted from "ALLODS-ONLINE-PLAYER" isnt it cheaper to buy tools from itemshop (3 BC each) than crafting them yourself? or is that no longer the case? personally i decided to use the green hammers the avil vendor sales... seems not worth to speed up my progress on gear that gets reset so fast/often... No, it costs about 2k gold to craft a tool, there's just luck involved in crafting the quality you want. Your choice to hinder your own gearing, you play how you play but giving advice to slow peop...

Thursday, January 5th 2017, 4:18pm

Author: Smirlak

Does support even exist?

Does support even exist? Tried to top up with paypal over a week ago and didn't get my crystals. Sent in a ticket on 12/31 with ALL THE REQUIRED DETAILS OF THE TRANSACTION - RESOLUTION OF THE PROBLEM SHOULD TAKE LESS THAN 2 MINUTES WITH ALL OF THE PROVIDED INFORMATION. At this point, I'm beginning to wonder if they even answer any of the tickets that come across their faces or they really are just ripping people off of their money. I understand holidays etc, but for christ sake it's well into th...

Thursday, December 29th 2016, 4:48pm

Author: Smirlak

i need PVP build for mage

He asked for a pvp build - you would use that in pvp? Ok... I would prefer something like this (off the top of my head)!2!311.3.…!mydhjxvm/DLRPE

Thursday, December 29th 2016, 4:42pm

Author: Smirlak

Facebook Events

Well, they sure haven't announced them anywhere, but I definitely won 1 of them - got notified in game mail with prizes...

Thursday, December 15th 2016, 5:56pm

Author: Smirlak

8.0 "Immortality" – Release Date & Collector's Edition

Really wish you would wait until after the holiday... if only for selfish reasons. Starting the new patch a week behind everybody else in a hardcore endgame guild is nearly a death sentence.

Saturday, October 29th 2016, 10:50pm

Author: Smirlak

Allod Resource Compensation.

Should be used to it and suck it up by now Every patch it gets easier for those who didn't play long.

Saturday, October 29th 2016, 10:22pm

Author: Smirlak


You guys spent a lot of money on a temporary item, boo hoo, now you know not to.

Saturday, October 29th 2016, 10:20pm

Author: Smirlak

Allod Resource Compensation.

Y'all a bunch of entitled whiners... you act like this doesn't happen all the time.

Thursday, September 8th 2016, 12:12am

Author: Smirlak

More concentration or more healthpoints?

concentration in pvp? what? no. Useless.