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Tuesday, October 15th 2019, 4:48pm

Author: khualeppi

Dead City Raid (Lvl 51)

There should be a window cracked open behind on the left of the bosses But i had this issue when killing the mobs too fast the window didnt break so best luck is trying again after thursday's reset and killing them more slowly. Be careful on Nihaz since he can be killed too fast and no npc will spawn to turn in the quests, which happened to me this week xD

Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 1:39pm

Author: khualeppi

[10.1 PMB] Khualeppi's Warrior PVE DPS guide

Warrior's rotation Warrior does best in single target dps and can push out very high numbers, especially in longer combats with a nice trick that I will explain later. 1. Single target dps In combat its important to remember that any bleed effect on your target will make your Destructive attack and Fracture do critical damage, due to this you should always keep it on your target. So you want to start your combat with Jagged slice as it is your instant (and ranged) bleed effect, then you proceed ...

Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 1:38pm

Author: khualeppi

[10.1 PMB] Khualeppi's Warrior PVE DPS guide

Hey there fellow allods players I'm Khualeppi, currently in Rainbow guild playing on Smuggler's Paradise server (empire side). I started playing allods around 9 years ago and I have played different classes doing endgame content, but lately I've played a fair amount of warrior and decided to make a guide on it. Why warrior? Warrior is able to push out amazing single target dps, he can be super tanky with different defensive skills which can avoid you dying in situations that other people might. ...

Thursday, July 4th 2019, 7:12am

Author: khualeppi

Did they really killed astral journeys ? (With ships)

I also read from some russian news that they are at least planning on making astral ships used again for travelling to allods like before.

Monday, May 27th 2019, 12:25pm

Author: khualeppi

Patronage Box and Jewelry Chest sale! - 01/02/2019

My patronage 4 is crying and everyone else who has me on my team as well. If there would be a sale for this again my team members and my patronage could be happy once again with the glorious dmg boost from p5 pls sale for p5 /beg

Friday, March 1st 2019, 9:20am

Author: khualeppi

Allods Online memories not my video but remember watching it and the event itself was fun and i think first anniversary event we had? could be wrong

Saturday, February 16th 2019, 10:36pm

Author: khualeppi

greatness title

its like greenish from 1 to 110 and at 110 it resets to blue and then every 10 or 20 or something it starts getting bigger

Saturday, February 16th 2019, 4:58pm

Author: khualeppi

greatness title

There used to be different portrait frame if you had greatness yes but since introducint the new spark level system this frame portrait from it has replaced the old greatness one. This current one scales with your spark level too

Friday, February 8th 2019, 11:46am

Author: khualeppi

Creative winter olympics 2019: Results!

Really nice event! Was fun participating in it especially with this many different categories! Always fun playing with superglue and cardboard Gz for all winners too!

Sunday, January 27th 2019, 2:15pm

Author: khualeppi

New Year's constructionism: entries submission

Hello So as a finnish person I have a special place for saunas in my heart so i thought i would try to make the sauna that allods has (like the one just outside novograd). Mostly made out of cardboard and superglue Character: Tserek Server: Smuggler's Paradise I prefer marks of accomplishments if I win anything Most of the walls are in shape and coloured now some are glued together It finally looks like a house It looked lonely so I added a porch + wood storage to the side (and a chimney of cour...

Thursday, January 24th 2019, 2:19pm

Author: khualeppi

This is how we do it: entries submission

Tserek Smuggler's Paradise This is how Tserek does it! Prefer marks of accomplishments if I win anything.

Friday, January 4th 2019, 8:27pm

Author: khualeppi

Hunter event

Soliskar in ammer? surrounded by centaurs but idk about orc face though

Monday, December 31st 2018, 6:00pm

Author: khualeppi

New Year Event Special!

You can maybe hang this on your christmas tree or put it on the top so Tensess will protect you. Also Tensess has the Wings of Frosty Tracery and candy cane to smack the souls that come greet him Tserek Smugglers Paradise

Tuesday, December 25th 2018, 8:35pm

Author: khualeppi

Smugglers Paradise population

Currently there are 2 active guilds in the league side, Avarice and Unexpected, both are about equally populated.

Friday, December 14th 2018, 12:37pm

Author: khualeppi

Rewards for accomplishments

You shouldn't just make everything buyable with real money, winning this through some future events would make it more rewarding and special instead of just wiping credit card

Thursday, September 6th 2018, 6:18pm

Author: khualeppi

june wings / other costumes

I think for some costumes and other cosmetics, mostly been thinking about june wings, it might be good to have some sort of chroma pack or couple of colours you can choose from. Red / Dark purple / Black / etc june wings would be a nice addition that I would personally like to have

Friday, August 31st 2018, 6:31am

Author: khualeppi

Just Out of Curiosity, Is the P2P Server Really That Dead?

I dont know where you get your info from but saying there is no breath in the p2p server is false. All the number Azir said are true and ofc everyone knows compared to the playerbase at the server launch hhe server is "dead" but there are plenty of players still active and kicking. Most people play on league and its an unfortunate situation for Empire because that faction is truly empty. I dont know what you're on about the raids you mentioned but if you're talking about the balance its good now...

Thursday, August 30th 2018, 6:00am

Author: khualeppi

Quest log + dailies/weeklies

++ quest log pls i cant take all koe quests because of this.all heroic feats. 3v3, 6v6, al rihat and guild quests are filling the quest log.

Friday, August 24th 2018, 10:36am

Author: khualeppi

Any range type pvp scout build?

Sure there is ranged pvp build but it will be with a lot less burst than hybrid. Just take bombardment, aimed shot, explosive shot and crippling shot shouldnt be too hard figuring rubies. Maybe you can take some points to frost charm for kiting too

Monday, August 6th 2018, 7:06pm

Author: khualeppi

Updated Battlefields Requirements

great news can pop bg's again in P2P server and farm some signs of victory. Great seeing this changed quite fast from the feedback in forum. Thanks!