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Saturday, September 7th 2019, 4:50am

Author: Oshh

[PMB 10.1] OshiMoshi's PvP DPS Warrior

Introduction I'm OshiMoshi from the guild Ascendancy (Nezeb), and I primarily play the role of Warrior for one of the top Dominion parties on the Evolution server. I prefer the Warrior class for its potential to be influential in many aspects of the game. It is in the highest tier of PvE DPS, one of the strongest classes for solo PvP play, and a foundational part of any full party or raid based PvP play. The downsides of the class are its PvE tanking, half party based PvP play, and capabilities ...

Thursday, September 5th 2019, 2:18am

Author: Oshh

From the Comunity to the Developers

The issue is bigger than one server over the other. Do not make it about that. It is about the health of the current game and its community. The Allods community has been and is continually dying through an accumulation of problems that has lead to a decreased growth rate of new players compared to the turnover rate. Suppose that you are a new player that recently reached max level. You start to notice how far behind your character is compared to true endgame players in terms of gear, informatio...