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Wednesday, November 27th 2019, 10:16pm

Author: Garbaz

Does anybody have an up to date mount list?

I am looking for a list of all mount available and how to get them. I am aware of the shop mounts and the vendor mounts and some of the raid drops, but for example on Wraith and Fish i can't find any info. with appreciation, Garbaz

Monday, November 25th 2019, 2:54pm

Author: Garbaz

["Fixed"/Not bugged] Quest to go to Dane bugged out

Hello, I am at lvl 67 and accepted a quest from the post man in Novograd which gave me a letter and sent me to Herbert de Vevre in Ferris,Hazy Mountains,Eastern Terminal. When I completed the quest to him it said that I returned it and failed it in the chat at the same time and I didn't get a followup quest (unfortunately I didn't take a screenshot). Since I already was done with Ferris and the quest was lvl 65 I assume that was the quest that was supposed to send me to Dane. The only main quest...

Wednesday, November 20th 2019, 12:15am

Author: Garbaz

How useful is the healer on the current patch?

Thank you Dragagon. I think I will play Bard instead of Healer then, since I never really liked the offensive abilities of the Healer (and with all the changes to the healing, I'm not sure what to think about the heal abilities either). I will play League and I'd be happy to join your Guild! I will contact you ingame once I'm past the tutorial island. Greetings, Garbaz