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Monday, April 4th 2016, 10:23pm

And is the class still good dps? I was kinda looking for good dps AND being a little special :p

Yea it is, but there's a lot of buttons to press.


Monday, April 4th 2016, 10:44pm

psi still viable in pvp, definitely

suppression aspect is incredible

and if you dont like that you can do devastating damage while still beeing able to flee if you get too much dmg


Tuesday, April 5th 2016, 12:42am

For pve :

psio has very high damage, especially in Aoe.

---> But gameplay is verry boring, it would be perfect for kikou-dps tetris player

For pvp :

Having many cc's is totally useless if you can't kill anyone and if you can't survive when you are reiceiving some damage

----> Not possible to kill player because no dps at all,

Psio has never be a dps class in pvp but now I'm sure that 7.0 psio has got about the same dps than a healer class

----> Not possible to survive because 7.0 has deleted all our defensive skills ?( ?( ?( , except Ectoplasmic form but this skill has been hugely nerfed. To replace all that missing things, 7.0 give to the psio just one noob skill for being invisible during 4 sec, 8o rofl

I can confirm that the npc's of cargalas battle have almost the same resistance than 7.0psio :cursing:

To conclude

psio is dead for my opinion, because the main role of this class was to pvp, and now it's unplayable for pvp because no damage, no resistance for too many cc's wich are finally totally useless if you can't kill an enemy and if you die so easily if you let to this enemy just like 4 or 5 seconds to dps you for kill you, and it's enought considering the npc's cargalas ' resistance of the psio. Those damned unbalanced changes have killed the class for pvp, so in general also

It has became a pve-crab class for kikou-dps and I dont like it

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Tuesday, April 5th 2016, 5:47am

all classes die in 4-5 sec now if only a bit careless, even palatanks with high gear & runes, pvp became a lot different as no more 2nd life etc is there

the twin/invis skill however is really great as it finally allows to escape aong with mageteleport if there is just too much; you can avoid almost every death

defensive skills? psi only had ectoplasmatic & the racials...
only thing i miss is mental cleansing, its silly without any selfheal :( (monolith will fix this however)

suppression is meant to do low dps, if you took the cc-ignoring rubies in the last patch it was also hard to do any relevant dps
if suppression would do proper dps i guess everyone would be playing psi now :P

after testing all the classes now i saw that psi still is "the best" for pvp and im happy about that as i feared this might have changed


Tuesday, April 5th 2016, 10:16am

Makes me even wanna train this psi more :)

Is there any leveling build for 7.0 available yet?


Tuesday, April 5th 2016, 7:14pm



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"The best" pvp class isn't psi anymore (if it ever was :x). Right now pvp is a cluster fuck filled with trash classes.

Summy put a bit of caution and are unkillable while dealing millions of dmg.
Warrior put concentration and just use the spin with the pull and are unkillable, while dealing millions of dmg.
Warden has 2-3 times the heal of a plate healer, making him unkillable even with shitty def stats.

As for bard/engi/mage, i haven't seen any being good so far, so i can't tell.

Psi now has a choice: play cc spec and be useless if your team isn't any good, or play support spec and hope for a crit to oneshot over 40% to go throught the caution cap.

Fun game.


Tuesday, April 5th 2016, 7:52pm



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i just hate what they've done to the classes with this update :thumbdown:
classes were nearly perfect (nothing is never perfect 100%^^) so i still don't understand why did they need to change that ?( seriously i want to love the patch and play a lot but as playing my chars isn't fun anymore (because no dear devs, spamming 1-3 keys everytime isn't fun, at all!) the game seems boring as well and that's SUCH a shame! :(

to come back to psi class, it used to be one of my favorite class because of all these fun controls skills and survivability stuff, now as every other class, psi has became completely tasteless and not complex enought to play; and the saddest thing is that it actually is one of the less boring (no to say that it isn't boring) class to play in 7.0, so this patch really is a complete fail to me :thumbdown:


Tuesday, April 5th 2016, 9:03pm



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which class does just need 3 keys? From what I've seen all classes got more complex playstyles and rotations (at least for pve-dps), which actually makes playing them correct more challenging.

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Tuesday, April 5th 2016, 11:01pm



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we really don't have the same feeling about this then ^^
to me, yes classes have more than 3 skills (ofc) but what i mean is that for amlost all of them there are 2-3 keys that you're spamming like 90% of the time + i know that skills combos are new so we need time to understand them fully but i miss the 6.0 ones so much, gameplay was much funier imo ;(
it seems that they've made everything easier (so much more boring) to play and there is no depth in the gameplay anymore (or at least not enought). Yes every classes can have good dps in dd mode, being a support/cc'er/healer or tanker but i dislike the fact that they've made it so clearly defined (with aspect skill that even show your opponent the build you're playing! what a bad idea! seriously...) that imo lower the possibilities to make your "own" build and has created, as i've said it in my previous post, tasteless classes :thumbdown:


Wednesday, April 6th 2016, 1:02am

its true that variety of what to spec is lower now and dps is basically simplified to 3 or 4 keys, but there are still things to do except pressing these 3 keys to be a bit better
- but to me it looks like not as many as in the previous version

fights are so much faster now its a HUGE change and it will take long to adapt this

the visible aspects can be turned off in 7.1 so enemy wont know what he is fighting the moment he sees it


Wednesday, April 6th 2016, 8:22am



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well I definetly agree with you that the changes wasnt required and that introducing aspects is lowering diversity.

But before the update there wasnt much diversity either. Nearly every Classs had 1 viable Build, u just had some rubies based on your personal preference, but the rest was standard. Also before the update most classes hadnt much more spells than now. Bard had just 6 abilities (now 7), warrior had 3 spells for single target dmg (now 6) and so on.

WHat im trying to say is that the class changes wasnt done for improvement but for the sake of change itself. Thats not the first TIme the devs are changing working classes just to bring in some fresh feel to them.
In my opinion the classes neither got better nor worse


Wednesday, April 6th 2016, 3:58pm

well they succesfully changed 1 major thing with this patch and thats hybrid chars are not as op as before i mean be honest cleric,summy,holy pally,scout tank and psi has an rrly unfair advantage over other classes cuz they fit into 2 roles take a pally tank for example he was pretty much unkillable AND could nearly oneshot^^ now he is just tanky but the damage in tank specc was seriously nerved which is good in my eyes cuz never forget every bg is a TEAMPLAY so no role is useless^^


Wednesday, April 6th 2016, 4:16pm

yes hybrids are really f*** up now (or at least are no longer possibl in every variation lik they were)
while some classes had certain superiority as you wrote in general a hybridbuild meant beeing able to do a lot of things but nothing properly
- but having much more gear / runes made them seem even more powerful than they often were

i remember with psi beeing able to "tank" 4 or 5 undergared players and still beat them 1 by 1 while always being able to heal up to 100% again, cc'ing them and still doing enough dps even to kill a FH

must have looked pretty impressive to them

but as soon as i had an equal enemy, with that spec nothing much happened... not enough dps, i died soon and cc was not sufficient too
this case always required a non-hybrid build

dps could kill (but had not much survivability)
cc could stunlock (but had no noteable dps) <- in full cc spec i even put extre attributes to HP so im more endurabl as dps was no longer relevant anyway, changed runes to 777999 instead 999777 for more def

now, it seems for psi the supportaspect is the "hybrid" one
however the equivalnt of sharp incursion for example is no longer possible then etc :/

so yeah, feels like less diversity

and yes, classchange only for the sake of changing, it was good before
but i also think rookies will have an easier time to make builds as certain rubies are not an option any longer now etc

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Thursday, April 7th 2016, 10:46am


Friday, April 8th 2016, 5:20am

its CCs are also "op"
and the negative effects (especially the -25% def)

only thing that tops psi is warrior with crazy whirlwind :)


Friday, April 8th 2016, 10:59am

You seem to be forgetting the fact psi's defenses were nothing short of gutted. With anyone so much as sneezing in your direction you have a very high chance of dying instantly. You can use twin once to prolong your life by 4 seconds, but then your team can't even heal you up since you're invisible to them too.

Lost hp is lost for good most of the time. I really hope they make Meditation heal in some future patch, as of right now it's just useless and from what I heard, very few classes are completely devoid of self-healing capabilities.

Comparing psi and warrior is not even remotely fair.

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Sunday, April 10th 2016, 3:17am

the lower defense is really a pain and the missing "mental cleansing" too :(
so i am not the only one who felt like psi is a bit too weak defensewise....

but i guess that is a result of the general fast gameplay as we have it now, all classes die sooo incredibly fast now, especially in pvp
reactiontime plays a much greater role now

as for my collected data, i found it handy to use "Psionic Shell" together with "Astralbody"
and "Child of the astral" + "Premonition" rubies

"Superiority" is the last proper defenseskill as "Meditation" prevents usage of skills
even if it would heal, the pause from atacking would be disruptive
only chance of making this a good skill would be making it a buff like "mental cleansing" was (but it looks more like the old "superficial tance" to me)

if all these skills are used, "Twin" + mages straightforward-teleport are used to escape from battle (missing "temporal acceleration" here!), then mount on, recover health while on mount, attack with mount until HP are full again and repeat, by that time the twin is ready to use again usually :)

taking "twin" to R3 is totally worth it in a PVP build
i like the new "twin" as it makes it easy to get out unpleasent situations and rearrange yourself
the limit of the old one to 1 player & a mental link was a big problem in big battles though the rubies which routed damage to the "twin" helped a lot

concentration-stat together with bloodlust plays a HUGE role too it seems
(personally i lose a lot of potential survivability to the rare use of healingpotions & martyrs spells too)

i like comparing psi & warrior as i am a warrior originally by progenitor and its my most beloved class together with psi
wall of blades is similar to whirlwind, both are good at stuns and most important: both are/were great fun at farming


Sunday, April 10th 2016, 12:20pm

i like the new "twin" as it makes it easy to get out unpleasent situations and rearrange yourself
the limit of the old one to 1 player & a mental link was a big problem in big battles though the rubies which routed damage to the "twin" helped a lot

I don't share that, not one bit. Old twin was leaps and bounds better than this one. With proper use of Illusion Mastery rubies you essentially were taking 50% damage. New twin is just design catastrophe, come on what's the point of 10s Twin duration if invisibility ends after 4?


Monday, April 11th 2016, 3:10am

10 s duration wil confunse the enemy
i also thought that this would not work but i see (veteran) players so often targeting this twin a long time even after the psi has become visible again, so it does work somehow (or does it maybe put the target to the twin automatically like taunt does?)

the only thing i am not sure about is the option to go back to the point where the twin was created... i can only imagine a situation where you get off a platform and then go up again with that (havent tested this tho); but its not realistic as noone would follow you when invisible...


Monday, April 11th 2016, 2:27pm



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I think it's fairly self-explanatory, the extended duration and tele-back was designed for combating melees. Melee charges you, you pulse him off, he uses his second charge, you twin, you get some distance and start attacking again, he manually runs your way to re-engage and when he gets close, tele back to your twin. Gives you a bit longer without him in your face, killing you... according to theory. And in theory, that works fine in 1v1, but PvP in Allods is almost never 1v1, so the timing behind twinning like that is unlikely to be pulled off. Still, there's a very clear purpose behind the design, regardless of whether that purpose was intelligently thought out or not.
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