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Do I have to subscribe to play?

Hello I have just registered and I'm waiting for the game to download. As I was waiting I read up on a few things on the site and one of the things I came across was subscriptions so I'm wondering do I have to pay to play? Thank you :)

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there are 3 servers : 2 free to play (no subscription needed) New Frontier and Equilibrium, and 1 pay to play (subscription, about 10€/month if i'm not mistaking) called Smuggler Paradise

quite a lot of threads already explain the differences between these servers on this forum so i'll let you check them out, have fun :)


Ok thank you very much for answering and voting on my poll :thumbsup:



Do I have to subscribe to play?

In my opinion yes, 20 euro per month is good price (also i'm more farmer so i no need pay for that/or reduct costs if i'm laizy)

Also remember just playing is for free, and you can decide when you will need "subscribe" if you want be top, but it's not nesesary, runes 5-6 inaf for low islands or play with friends or for farm gold etc (you have coupon for perm full 5 runes for 12$ if you up to 75lv)

Same price 12$ is if you only want subscribe for full 8 runes for 1 month instad of 20$ for all epic scrolls (so after 1y of playing you will can only pay for sub 12$ just for runes)

Also Allods have premium system i think it will interesing you :


1st Level: unstable mounts, discounts on folios, etc.
2nd Level: 10 Water of Life Droplets, etc.
3rd Level: 10 Water of Death Droplets, Magic Tablecloth, Master Goblin, etc.

1lv donate 5 euro
2lv donate 13 euro (total)
3lv donate 25 euro (total)

Also we have events for more cristals like this :…-20-30-01092017

or this…n-sale-04082017

or event called "Magic lamp" (+50-200% with premium cristals for donate max 7500+)

and alot of competitions like this…&threadID=22588

when you can win some cristals

*Notice this info is for ppl who have 12-25$ per month, you can ez get this amout if you have a job/ know sometink about cryptocurency/making survays/ helping parents/ stript/investing in some startups, buy someink for less and then sell for more pice/ rent a house/ or make this game f2p for you be farming

So if your not puzzy you will enjoy

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I'd like to add that Xrade is explaining the premium system, that you can get while playing on New Frontier (F2P server, with an ingame Boutique)

Smuggler Paradise is a subscription server, with a monthly fee to access the game.

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