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Saturday, March 29th 2014, 7:32pm

"The Wisher Granter" Broken

I have the quest "The Wisher Granter" completed but I can't turn it in anywhere...


Saturday, March 29th 2014, 7:44pm

is that not the npc that walks around town?


Saturday, March 29th 2014, 8:04pm

Nope. My friend completed his right there by the alter, and I already went to town to check anyways.


Saturday, March 29th 2014, 9:01pm

the NPC that turns in spawns right after the 3rd person dies, inside the cave. atleast it used to?
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Painkiller: lvl 50 Healer
Palpatine: Lvl 45 Psi (ret)
Mereda: lvl 53 scout (ret)
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Sunday, March 30th 2014, 5:07am



Let's start a petition or strike to have it removed from the game. Terrible quest, cost me myra+ holy charm's, and do we really want to spread the message that making friend's in Coba start's with ritualistic sacrifice for reward?

This guy claimed it was for paradise everlasting too.


Sunday, March 30th 2014, 5:16am


Sunday, March 30th 2014, 7:03am

the wand's fairly useful for magic users atleast. "oh youll upgrade in 2 levels dont bother" well with the loss of heroics, yes this wand is the best youll get till you have no choise but to switch to a blue crown drop or green reward
Sailoryue: lvl 60 Bard
Painkiller: lvl 50 Healer
Palpatine: Lvl 45 Psi (ret)
Mereda: lvl 53 scout (ret)
(anonymous): lvl 55 Paladin (RET)


Sunday, March 30th 2014, 1:28pm



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The whole of Coba's design exists for a reason.

I've never seen this bug though, how quickly did you spawn it after your friend completed it?
Have you tried turning it off and on again?


Sunday, March 30th 2014, 1:29pm

ye now u guys say so it rings a bell


Sunday, March 30th 2014, 1:32pm

compared to gpotato, these gm's actualy respond realy quickly


Sunday, March 30th 2014, 6:00pm

How do I find out where and when a gm responds?


Sunday, March 30th 2014, 6:08pm

By checking the inbox of the email that is bound to your account for a reply from the dev team.

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