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PvE Support Bard Guide

I made a PvE Bard Support guide on Youtube. Check it and let me know what you think.




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No Lullaby? No Overture?

Hmm...those 2 spells are very important for p2p players in heroic compass :P
Russian p2p / leauge side / Ремпэйдж


Good guide, well explained, however, I'd point out few mistakes or inconsistencies if I may:

1. I can't think of a situation where you'd need March in PvE. It's a waste of 6TP and 4-5 rubies

2. You don't take Disharmony, yet you spend 5 rubies on Omen of Death. I can see you are not using any DPS meter addon and if you were you'd see Disharmony/Dissonance don't do much damage (if they do then your rotation is suboptimal).

So it would make much more sense to take Deadly notes instead of Omen of Death, or even take both and max Disharmony, but discard March and rubies for it.

3. It doesn't hurt to have 2 damage buffs in build, not just TA. Coz there are situations when TA is on CD (not all bosses are tank&spank, some mob packs die very fast to renew TA in time etc), so it would be better to give Power instead of no buffs at all. I would either swap Romance for that or just leave Acoustic&Resonance Barrier at rank 2, it's sufficient.

4. Point about Overture and Lullaby made above is also valid.

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