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Defiance is a new blossoming guild expanding on league side and we're now recruiting all levels . We're the only league side guild that is active at this moment, We're creating and maintaining a healthy atmosphere without sacrificing efficiency, and we encourage you all to join us and help us grow! We're an international guild but most of us are NA players. We do hard mode astrals every evening. Once a week we do Eclipse, Ferris, Battle of Gods, Fractal, and Winter Palace if people need. We will also help you in GT, Teps, or Dead City if you need it. You are not required to do dominion, but you are welcome to if you wish. With our busy schedules we are mostly casual players so play whenever we get time too. Which means no stress and no pressure to do things you don't want too! We also have an active discord channel for communication. League is not dead!

We are looking for people who share our views on how allods should be enjoyed (pushing challenging content with a small group of friends), except with less playtime than we would like to have. What time we do get, we want to make the most of, and we need a group of people who feel the same way and have the same skills to make that happen.

Above all else, we want to have a tight group of friends that are capable players with good attitudes. :thumbup:

If our mindset matches yours and you think your skill set is a fit, let’s talk and get you in a guild that’s different than almost every other one that’s out there. :thumbsup:

If you are interested in joining us,

Old Video that still makes Sense:

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I am really happy to see a guild growing on League Side and i hope we can get the P2P Server back again!
I am on Empire and i hope we will see us on the battlefields!
I wish u guys many luck and fun!
see u!


What happened to Resurrection?

Greetings TaLeR


The members of that guild left the game. League has always been the one side to have its ups and downs as much as empire has as well. so who knows they may come back but for now we wish to start fresh and grow with the help of those that wish to join us. :)




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What happened to Resurrection?

Greetings TaLeR

Resurrection is still around. The legends all quit some weeks ago and left us the guild.

We are all cheap and didn't want to spend 2 million gold to reset the guild rubies. Lol

Plus creating something of your own makes it more unique. We all missed Defiance and wanted it back! :D

They had a different goal in mind for the guild than we do.

Once the entire transition is over I'll make Legendhit guild leader again and leave it for them.


Love the people in this guild. Been playing with them for about a year and a half and wouldn't want to play with anyone else.
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Cool! I'll be there today! I just need to restart my subscription.
"We're all here to do what we're all here to do. Only the One can open the door. And only during that window can that door be opened. I know because I must know. It is my purpose. It is the reason I am here. The same reason we are all here." -The Keymaker

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Glad to hear it we welcome you :)


We also have 2 members that have there own YouTube channel's.



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To get back on topic, the guild is growing as more people return to see how the patch is/prepare for 9.0. If you're interested, just join and talk to us on discord via the link below :)
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Alone we may fail but as one group we can change things no one man could ever do alone.


We had fun this wednesday on raid domi :) vs Zwerge. Good Job to both guilds. :thumbsup:

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Hey folks!,

I am very glad to see you guys still enjoying the p2p! It was always fun with you :-)

Please make some Vids of Domi PvP. I would love to see that; that could draw me back to the game^^


gl guys
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Its not dead sure its not like F2P and bgs dont pop but still there are 4 guilds 2 on empire 2 on league and there all doing content and domi etc so its not dead.

Defiance: 20+ active members,
Pfannkuchen: 10+ active I think could be more,
Equality and Zwerge are both active as well and downing content too cant tell you how many are active but there active.

Plus who knows that 9.0 will bring theirs a lot of us who will keep playing cuz we rather stay on p2p then spend a crap ton of money on f2p

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Dead you say?

but server is still dead...
I'm not sure what you call dead. I guess you are one of the ones that sign into novo and see no one and say the server is dead. We don't sit around afking in novo if we are online we are doing something. The server is far from dead.

to get the video to load click in your browser near the url and accept the unsecure error. I don't know what it is about these forums but they don't like to display youtube videos.

A different way to access the video

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i guess that video kinda represents 70% of 1side of the faction on the server, pure guess


If you're in an American timezone then there are generally a good deal of people online, certainly enough to go out and get some activities done - you may find it becomes a bit of a ghost town during oceanic prime-time however. Either way, the server is looking much healthier than it was 6 months ago :)

Gumboots / Ceres




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i guess that video kinda represents 70% of 1side of the faction on the server, pure guess
We are on the side with way less population. Empire has been doing raids for weeks now. We finally have enough population to attempt raids. Check out the screenshots that lanny has posted in other threads showing the content they are doing. 30+ active members playing every day on both sides. For a server that had less than 20 playing at, just three months ago, I think its doing quite well. We had 16 people logged into the guild at 6pm central time yesterday. The server is growing if you are not here then you are missing out. Come join a side and increase the population more. Why assume and guess at things come see for yourself.

The problem is most people come to the server and start leveling and don't see anyone in a couple days, and then call the server dead. It takes a maximum of 3 days of hardcore questing to get to level cap. If people want to see what the population is like they should get to level cap and sign on at different times of the day so they can see how the population is.

It's aggravating when people contact me all the time asking how the population is because they logged in and sat in novo and didn't see anyone for several hours. When we actually had 10+ people online at that time. Using afkers as a reference to population is quite crazy to be honest. If people are all sitting around afk that normally means that they are bored or have nothing to do. The majority of us have crazy work schedules so we are only active during certain parts of the day so when we login we are doing something. We don't afk because we are bored and have nothing to do. If we are online we are doing Astral, AS, Astral Hunt, Heroic Compasses, Raiding, Kingdom of Elements dailies, Kingdom of Elements PvP, Grinding, or something else.

If you read this post don't use novo population as a reference to the server population. If you do so you are making a mistake and missing out on what is actually here.

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