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Vickie Lynn


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Where is the staff?

I come here because I'm a little puzzled. Where is the staff today?
I mean, we are supposed to have monthly challenges, where's the october challenge? Where are the september's fanfiction results? And finally the rankings system is completly down, it's maybe time to wake the staff up? The only sensation you let us is that the american/EU community is nearly totally abandonned.
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Hello Vickie,

thanks for your Questions. If there will be a new monthly challenge i cant answer today but i will let you know about a the answer. September fanfictionresults will follow soon they are evaluate it. And now finaly to the i know the IT is working on it to fix the problem and bring it aoon as possible back to the website/forum.

For now, thats all i can say to you but if there something changed i will inform you and tomorrow i will ask about a octobre monthly challenge :thumbup:

Nice sunny Sunday to all of you

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What happened to Forum Events?

Just wondering what happened to the forum event (im referring to the Monthly Challenge)...



@Dhunsky: message merged with the existing topic. You'll find the answer in Kurt's message.
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He did say though, that he wanted to ask about the challenge at october 16th.
That's 8 days ago, more than a week.
What happened to the information?

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